Thrilling topic of the day: washing dishes

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I know!  This just demonstrates how exciting my life has become!!

Anyway, so despite my promise not to write any more about baby bottles, here’s a bit more information that no one will really care about.  I continue to be happy with my purchase of Born Free bottles post-Canadian government declaring bisphenol A ‘dangerous’, and returning my trusty old Avent bottles.  When I dished out a lot of cash to purchase the bottles, I decided at the same time to listen to their little instructional insert and get the Born Free foam bottle washing set so as not to scratch the plastic they use with the cheap wirey brush I had been using or the old Avent bristley brush I now use for other dish washing jobs.  I don’t know exactly what plastic is in Born Free bottles but it is clearly a lot weaker than evil Avent plastic as I have read stories of the bottles melting in microwave sterilizers.  So I was being cautious and not wanting to wreck them.

This set of bottle brushes was not at all cheap – I think I paid about $13 or so for it.  I haven’t seen any other bottle brush set that is purely foam – although I am sure someone else out there makes one, and one day soon I’ll probably see one in the dollar store and get REALLY pissed off.  But anyway.  I bought the brushes ultimately because I was going to be washing the bottles by hand.  Because our old dishwasher had some issues.

The dishwasher that came with this house was an old Bosch, which is a good brand, but as time went on, it just really wasn’t working.  It was getting stuck mid-cycle.  It was leaving soap residue on our dishes.  I could never trust it to wash bottles properly.  So for months I washed bottles by hand, and for a few months sterilized the Avent bottles as well, and then I stopped sterilizing when I got the Born Free ones and just made sure I washed them REALLY well in hot and soapy water.

We thought it was a hot water issue with the dishwasher.  We realized that it would work when there was enough hot water getting to it.  We had various methods of ensuring that it was receiving it, including running the kitchen sink hot water tap (total waste of water and bad for the taps, apparently).  We talked to an appliance salesperson at one store who told us that unlike in Europe, dishwashers here don’t heat their own hot water.  We wondered if we were going to have to have some major plumbing work done.  We continued to live with only vaguely clean dishes.  I continued to hand wash what was important.

We considered getting a new dishwasher.  The other weekend, I noticed a major furniture and appliance store was having some kind of big sale that involved a free BBQ.  Discounted appliances and a hot dog for Oliver?  We’re there.  We wandered around, didn’t find a lot, but then I found an as-is Jenn Air stainless steel dishwasher for a decent chunk of money off the original price.  We have a Jenn Air cooktop and our Kitchen Aid oven is stainless steel, so this was going to fit the bill.

And, talking to the salesman there while Oliver happily munched on his hotdog, many dishwashers DO heat their own water!  Funny that.  So all this time, our old Bosch was breaking down in the hot water heating department.  We bought the Jenn Air.  We brought it home.  Mark installed it.

<cue angels singing and choruses from on high>

We have clean dishes!!  We have clean and sterilized bottles!  We have no residue!  We have lots of baskets and clips and all kinds of stuff to keep dishes in place.  It’s a bit louder than the old one, but I don’t care, it works.

Oh – almost forgot – around the time that we replaced the dishwasher, the larger Born Free foam bottle brush (you get two in the box), started falling apart and became a real problem to use.  Even when we’ve got a working dishwasher, I do occasionally need to wash stuff by hand.   Last week, I sort of cheekily emailed their customer service, asking them for advice as to whether or not I should return it to the store I got it from, but also mentioning how much blog traffic I’ve had since talking about their bottles and how I’ve been using them (this is true; I can’t even count the different search engine referrals with ‘born free’ as part of the topic, and I’ve also had a bunch of ‘possibly related posts’ hits from other wordpress blogs).

I LOVE their customer service.  They got back to me right away, and immediately Fed-ex’d me a replacement at no cost.  I got it today.  I am seriously really impressed.  Makes the money we spent worth it when you know a company is going to do the right thing and look after its’ customers.  So, Born Free, I highly recommend you to anyone who’s going to need baby bottles, glass or plastic, breastfeeding or bottlefeeding or both.  And I also recommend owning a dishwasher that works.  Life has improved vastly.  The end.

One Response to “Thrilling topic of the day: washing dishes”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Our dishwasher is really starting to irritate me, too. It’s not getting our dishes clean, even though it’s getting hot water and we just used the Jet Dry system cleaner in it. Grr.

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