Canada Day Massacre

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There’s some kind of blogging law, somewhere, that says if you brag about your children, it will come back to bite you in the ass.  Even with the disclaimers I put around my post saying how wonderful Oliver was being lately, I didn’t expect yesterday.

Yesterday, which was meant to culminate in a joyous Canada Day party at his favourite park, with many of his favourite activities on feature, was one of those days that I really wanted to stab myself in the eye with a fork.  THE CRYING.  The crying, all day.  He couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us what was wrong.  He fought his nap for hours, despite almost falling asleep in his chair at lunch, finally calming down enough to give up when Mark hung out in his room with him.

We played outside in the morning, to make him happy, so he was covered in sunscreen and then covered himself in sand.  When we brought him in, he had a rash on his arms and legs and hands, so we gave him a bath and I administered some Benadryl.   It could have been a reaction to many things, and it seemed to get better.

So we finally made it to the Canada Day festivities around 4pm, and he managed to rub his sunscreen in his eyes again and again and again.  So he spent most of the first while there weeping, with horrible red eyes, and refusing to do anything.  I just wanted to take him home and put him to bed and declare the day a total disaster.


Eventually his eyes were obviously less irritated, and Mark took charge of him for most of the afternoon, so I too was less irritated (because I REALLY wanted to throttle him yesterday), and he ended up having a really good time (particularly in the water, on the firetruck, dancing, eating a hot dog, and getting his face painted like Spiderman. Again.).

What’s with toddler dance moves?  Where does this come from?  Oliver dancing to Jully Black:

We truly did not know what was wrong with him.  At some point in the afternoon, we gave him some ibuprofen, just in case there was something wrong and something did hurt somewhere in his body.  So either he succumbed to the medicine, or the joy of the festivities, and had a good time.  And then we came home, and he fell apart again.  And then went to bed, and all seemed to be well.  Except then there was about an hour of crying and screaming around 12:30 or 1am.  I didn’t go to him; I let Mark do it.  I just couldn’t deal with it.  I hadn’t even made it to sleep yet – unfortunately Callum had stirred and I was already trying to settle him back down (which normally involves putting him to sleep beside me because I am all about creating bad habits for the sake of MUMMY GETTING SOME SLEEP).

Mark woke him up as normal and took him to daycare.  Not surprisingly, I just got a call.  But it wasn’t what I expected – I sort of thought they would just be asking what the hell was wrong with him and maybe I should come get him so he could get some sleep.  Nope.  Come on, these are professionals people who know that when a kid acts like this, there’s a specific cause, unlike the useless mother who just kept losing it yesterday.

They think he has ‘hand, foot and mouth‘, which I have vaguely heard of but had to Google anyway.  All these symptoms he’s had that I thought were unrelated – bad diaper rash that has turned into sores, which I thought was from being in the same Pull-Up all day; a fever the other day with no apparent cause; a sore foot, which I thought was from too-small shoes; etc. – it all makes sense!  And wow, I am really looking forward to all of us getting that from him, if he has it.  He’s really into kissing and hugging lately.  WONDERFUL.

This negligent mother better go make him a doctor’s appointment now, and pick him up early.

2 Responses to “Canada Day Massacre”

  1. Vic Says:

    Hope he recovers quickly and you guys don’t get it too.

  2. suburban mum Says:

    That video is just gorgeous!

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