Wednesday, August 6, 2008
  • Third wedding anniversary today.  Three years of marital strife what the hell was I thinking wedded bliss.
  • Callum has one of his top teeth coming through and I don’t remember Oliver’s teething sucking this much.  Must read archives and see if I’ve conveniently forgotten.  He’s in loads of pain, barely eating solids, has a nice little cold (his coughing at the grocery store today caused lots of people to give me nasty looks – what, like he can’t leave the house?!) and he’s been waking up and fussing more than normal at night.  Except last night he didn’t stir from 10pm to 6:30am which was a nice change from the last few days.
  • I am on a very tight budget until I go back to work in 2 months’ time.  My income is about 50% of what it is normally.  But THE SALES.  I keep finding THE BARGAINS.  And I really seriously can not stop myself.  PJ’s for Oliver for $3!!  Cute Steve Madden shoes (in brown) for $50 (okay, not that much of a deal).  I am going to start making myself stay home, clean, use the Wii Fit, and blog.  MUST NOT SHOP / LEAVE THE HOUSE.  None of us really need clothes right now.  Or shoes.  We are well stocked.  I need to turn on some switch in my head that can resist the 50% off sticker.

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