Curtains: part one

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yet another thrilling installment of my sad domestic existence.

We inherited some pretty nasty window coverings when we bought the house.   I guess we were just thankful that it was coming with curtains so we didn’t have to buy any right away.  And it turns out that buying curtains is A CHORE.  Months ago, we set out to replace the curtains in the family/living room, where we spend the most time.

Because we were living with The Ugliest Curtains Of All Time™.

I can not adequately express how much work this job entailed. The hours that were put into this. The fact that only one company seems to mass produce the curtain rail size that we needed, and we only really liked one style of curtain rail that was stocked in stores, and that I had to try several different stores to get two of them (because we have a large window and a patio door in that room) – but in the end, it was BOGO and I had gift vouchers…

And the curtains. My god, it was easier to name our children than to decide on window hangings. After considering literally hundreds of styles (again, of mass-produced commercially-available curtains, as we just can’t afford bespoke right now – and plus, what’s the point when they are going to be covered in animal hair and vomit and sticky fingers and whatever) and finding most of them to be completely horrid, we ended up using grommet-ed panels from Ikea. And they are purple. If you had suggested to me a few months ago that I would ever purchase purple curtains, I would have shot you. Somehow, this was the best thing we could find.

Okay, so it’s like practically chocolate brown, it’s so dark a purple. But still – purple!

Coming soon: the next thrilling installment, ‘Curtains: part two’, where I decide to base our children’s room decor around the window hangings we inherited in their rooms.  I know you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for that entry.  Hmph.

One Response to “Curtains: part one”

  1. I never knew curtains could be so exciting!
    They really go with the colour of the wall though, even if they are purple!

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