10 months

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Callum, you are 10 months old!

I haven’t really talked about how much you’ve been changing lately, which is quite a lot, because we’ve just had a lot of other stuff going on.  But there you go, developing all the time, ticking away in the background…

You did great on your trip with your dad to England in August.  I don’t think you missed me that much.  Your brother missed you loads – after whining ‘I waaaaaant Daddy’ for half the week, he ignored him completely when we picked you up at the airport and instead smothered you in kisses and hugs and said ‘I love you, I missed you’ again and again.  Your brother frequently crushes you with his hugs and kisses and ‘I love you Callum’ but I think you’ll be crushing him soon.

You also did great when we left you for a few hours a day with some nice teenage girls at the resort that we stayed at.  You didn’t cry at all, you just got on and played with the toys, rode in a wagon, and went on the swings – and then when we’d pick you up, you’d fall asleep for a nap right away.  So I am not quite so worried about daycare next month now – obviously an entire day is a lot longer than an hour, but you are going to be getting more attention there than you probably get at home.

Your eating has improved a lot – I didn’t think you liked food as much as your brother did, but like he was, you are all about the finger food.  As long as you can pick it up and stuff it in your face, you’ll eat anything.  Baby food is obviously for wimps.  You are starting to drink from a transitional sippy cup top without any problem, and I am going to try to get you on cow’s milk before you are at daycare.

You still spit up a bit sometimes, but we generally aren’t covered in it anymore, which is nice.  You are sleeping a lot better at night – mostly going from 8pm or 8:30 and stirring around 6am – then going back to sleep until between 7am and 8am.  Sometimes you will stir in the wee hours of the night, though – which I think is normally due to a bit of a sore tummy.  At least you are never really awake when you stir and I never have any problem getting you back to sleep.

Speaking of your tummy, you’ve never tried to sleep on it, and you really, really hate being on your stomach.  So I don’t think you are going to crawl – like, ever.  I think you are going to walk pretty soon.  You are absolutely determined.

Often you refuse to bend in half to sit down.  You are determined to go.  It’s watching your brother run around; you’re desperate to join in.  Oh what trouble you guys will get in then.

You are really interested in toys, and not just in putting them in your mouth.  You love to bang things together.  You shake things.  You try to figure out what the toy is supposed to do.  I can’t really remember Oliver being good at those things at this age.  I could be wrong though.

You like to talk.  You babble so much.  Mum mum mum, da da da.  Your brother was almost silent at 10  months (and after).  You recognize several words, including cat, dog and NO (that’s rather easy in this house).  When you use your effective pincher grasp to select single dog hairs off of everything and bring them to your mouth, and I tell you NO!, you get a really cheeky look on your face – but you do stop.

It’s going to be weird not spending every waking minute with you, so we’ll make the best of the next few weeks, and then make the best of the quality time that we do have together on evenings and weekends.  And start planning that first birthday party…

One Response to “10 months”

  1. Sandy Says:

    He is getting so big, and he is so adorable. 🙂

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