Suck this, WestJet

Friday, September 12, 2008

Her Bad Mother, Catherine, recently took a West Jet flight from Vancouver to Toronto and was asked to cover up while already discretely breastfeeding her son.

I’ve said many times that I was not comfortable breastfeeding in public.  However, I TOTALLY support the right of other people to do it.  And in Ontario, it’s a human right.

WestJet – because owners care.  Well, owners should care about human rights and decency and the privacy of Catherine feeding her child as she wanted to.

I’ve written to their PR people and complained.  You can do it too, if you want.

If they don’t give a better response than the pathetic one already provided, next time I need to book a flight on one of their routes, I’ll do my best to use some other carrier.

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