Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I’m having trouble keeping all the balls up in the air lately.  I just can’t seem to get anything done, and there seems to be too much stress, and no one is very happy, and whatever.

Another local mother asked me today if we were finished having kids, and I gave my honest not-really-an-answer reply of, ‘well, I don’t really cope very well with this time‘ [this time meaning infancy, maternity leave, etc.] and she was like – you seem fine, organized, like you’ve got it all together!  I was surprised.

And in a matter of days, I’m really going to have to start juggling furiously because I’ll be back at work.  But I am wondering if it’s going to be one of those situations where the more stuff I have on my plate, the better I deal with it.  I can be like that – way more efficient when positively stressed and busy.  Because really, being at home all day right now?  I pretty much manage to get nothing done.  There was a while there that I was on top of a lot of things.  But then Callum starting trying to move around.  So I can’t just leave him now.  And when I have both of them, almost nothing happens.  I’ll get off the computer in a few minutes and try to tidy up the kitchen, but one of them will wake up or call out or something.

I was idly watching Jordan and Peter Andre’s reality show last night (because Z-list UK celebrities make me smile and shake my head) and the announcer was like – they’ve got 3 kids, a big house, each other – they have it all.  Why does having it all feel so hard, then?

One Response to “Juggle”

  1. Vic Says:

    The trouble with having it all is that you really do have to have it all – the good along with the bad. Fine if you’ve got a team of cooks, nannies and PAs to deal with the bad but for most of us that’s just not reality.
    I think you’ve ‘got it together’ more than you give yourself credit for and getting back into work just seems daunting because it’s been a long time. Once you settle in and get into a routine things will fall into place.

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