Thursday, October 2, 2008

I can’t do it.  I’m going to be a bad Canadian tonight.  How can I watch our leaders debate when I have the spectacle of Palin vs. Biden, must-see-tv if there ever was any, on the other channels?  I am going to dishonour my citizenship in the name of, basically, pop culture.  Because watching Sarah Palin debate isn’t exactly going to be an intellectual exercise, is it?  [I’ve set up the PVR box to tape Canada’s debate]

I strongly believe that voting is important, that it’s so important as a citizen that I continued to vote in Canadian elections even when living in the UK (and also voted over there when I was resident).  But I’ve never been so uninterested in an election as this current federal one in Canada.

Part of the reason is it’s probably going to be another minority government, that the leaders are pretty dull,  and we have no Obama or Clinton charmisa (yeah, it’s obvious I’d be voting Democrat if I lived south of the border).  Most of the reason is that life is a little too busy right now, so I’m pretty inward looking.  It’s hard to contemplate our role in Afghanistan and whether or not the ‘green shift’ is a good idea when all I’m focused on is how the hell I am going to manage all the things that I need to get done in a day, in a week.

So anyone could buy my vote right now.  Our local Green party candidate showed up to a family corn roast with free green balloons, and Callum was a recipient.  That totally could do it for me – free balloons for the kiddies?  Yeah, I’ll vote for you.  Smart guy.  NDP want to increase my child benefit?  Hello, sign me up.  Really, I don’t actually know how I’m going to vote yet.

And really, it doesn’t matter that much.  Because even the leader of the party that wins will only really affect things in my backyard.  There’s something way more important happening in the US, because that leader really does have an impact on the entire world.  Dooce recently wrote about some of her political viewpoints, and I read the comments with interest, where people kept repeating that they didn’t care what people from other countries thought because we didn’t have a say.  Well, we can’t vote.  But we do care.  And we are watching.

One Response to “Elections”

  1. Emma Says:

    I agree with you on this election…it ishideously dull. I normally vote Liberal, but I think I am leaning towards the NDP this time. I live in Alberta, so it’s going to be a Conservative no matter what. I really think the left wing parties need to form some sort of coalition, they’ll never bring the Conservatives down by spiltting the vote.

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