Of candy, pumpkins and milestones unmarked

Friday, October 31, 2008

I haven’t had a chance to write this week, not for lack of wanting, but I’ve finally gotten busy at work (and the feeling of actually being able to contribute to meaningful work again is wonderful, as opposed to the dullness of my newly-returned-from-mat-leave brain), and we’ve been busy at home, because Mark’s dad is coming over from England for a visit next week, and so Mark took on a rather ambitious project of turning a room in the basement into a liveable spare bedroom.  Which is a huge task because 2 weeks ago that room was a big empty cave that smelled of animal excrement.  No kidding.  The previous owners, we think, had their dog spend a lot of time down there, and the stank was compounded by the activities of that lovely little cat we live with, who got really pissed off that we left him for 2 weeks last Christmas (don’t worry, he had visitors to feed him) and decided to use the room as his personal litter box.   He’s pulled up the carpet and underlay, removed the skirting board, painted everything with my dad’s help, laid down some laminate flooring, and it’s almost done. So anyway, I haven’t been able to get on the computer at home since my nights have involved all domestic duties that we normally share.  And man, my PVR box is FULL of shows I’ve got to watch.

I wanted to write to note the fact that we’ve now lived in Canada for 2 years, that I’ve been back for 2 years, that Mark emigrated 2 years ago.  That one year ago, it was Callum’s due date and wow I needed that giant baby out.

But I haven’t even had a chance to carve our pumpkin – Oliver will have to help me tonight or tomorrow, bit late but he won’t notice.  I’m leaving work early to go to his Hallowe’en party at daycare, and then we’re going to take them to Ikea, of all places, to trick or treat.  We don’t get kids to the door in our neighbourhood, that isn’t really a neighbourhood, so we have to take them somewhere.  And as Ikea is right by their daycare and offers candy + meatballs, Oliver is going to love it.  And I suppose this year, I won’t be able to steal all his candy without causing a screaming fit. Oh well, I’ll get Callums’. 

This morning at work, I’m leading my work colleagues to destroy our sister branches at a pumpkin carving contest (a fundraiser for the United Way).  Which, when I did my research, I determined was more ‘extreme pumpkin carving’ than a Martha-Stewart-a-thon.  So we’ve got a cannibal theme going, but plans are top secret, and I can’t say much.  Photos later. 

Happy Hallowe’en. 

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