Wonderful one

Sunday, November 9, 2008

(my little speech at the end of the naming ceremony)

Dear Callum,


Your father and I knew you were a boy before you arrived, and we preferred to give you a ‘British’ sounding name. After much debate, we negotiated (and negotiated, and negotiated some more) and settled on Callum.

When I say your name, Callum – it makes me think of some wonderful holidays that we’ve had in Scotland, but you haven’t had the chance to go yet. Your name is very popular there. It also seems appropriate, given your build – I can foresee you as a rugby player. You could play for Scotland! More likely, for England or Canada.
Everyone here seems to think your name is Kale-um or Calleb. But you are our Callum.

Your name is derived from Columba, referring to St Columba, the 6th century saint who established the Iona community and converted large parts of Scotland to Christianity. Coincidentally, your great-grandmother’s church, an important part of her life, is St Columba’s Anglican Church in Ottawa.

In fact, the last time we went to Scotland, we were very near to Iona; we took a ferry to the Isle of Mull and stayed at a castle west of Fort William in Kinlochmoidart. But we only had Oliver with us and we didn’t know that only just over a year later, you would be here. Of course we can’t imagine life without you now. One day, we’ll take you there.


From the Latin, Columba or Callum means dove, bringer of peace. You are peaceful. You are quiet. You pay attention. And you don’t like it when we raise our voices (normally at Oliver!). We will try to keep it peaceful for you, so we can keep enjoying your smiles and your inquisitive nature.

Happy 1st Birthday, Callum, and Happy Naming Day, with all our love.


(thanks to all who came, who were so generous in gifts and well wishes, it was a good day)

(except for the part where Oliver now thinks all the toys are his)

3 Responses to “Wonderful one”

  1. UrbanVox Says:

    that was ONE hand FULL of cake uh????

  2. Sandy Kerr Says:

    Had a great time and must say Callum is just simply ADORABLE!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Aww lovely! Happy birthday, Callum!!!

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