Disclaimer needed

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So back in September, I was contacted by a very nice PR person who took the time to look at my blog, actually read it and comment on stuff, and asked if I was interested in reviewing a skincare product.  Of course, me being me (i.e. basically just a whore for free stuff), I immediately responded and said ‘YES!’-of course I am interested.

She was representing Mama Mio, which is a British brand expanding their products into North America.  And she mentioned it’s made by mothers, for mothers.  At this point, I should have clued in what my sample would be, but I didn’t.  I was too excited to get something really nice for free.

So the package arrived, and my heart sank when I opened it.  ‘Goodbye Stretch Marks’.  I should have known…

See, I’ve had stretch marks since puberty.  Maybe earlier.  Stretch marks aren’t actually something I’m actively trying to get rid of.  I got some more while pregnant, fine, and I’ve just assumed that I am going to be living with them.  I’m not one of these skinny minny’s that can account for every line – ‘see, that one there, that was when I was at 37 weeks gestation, despite my best efforts in applying cocoa butter every 5 seconds’ – nope, sorry.

However, in the spirit of the product review task, I actually got Mark to take a photo of my left hip area (you know, skin exposed but nothing obscene) and starting following the instructions on the bottle. 

Here’s my review.  The positive: it smells awesome, it goes on easy, not greasy or anything.  I like the bottle, it’s cute.  The negative: you are meant to put it on 3 times a day.  Dude, if you’re trying to eliminate your stretch marks post-baby, you are lucky to get in the shower or brush your teeth once a day – never mind find time for yourself THREE times a day.  But I guess if your post-baby bikini body is a priority, you might pick cream application over eating lunch.  Or blogging.  Or crying into your coffee.

Ahem.  Anyway.  So I tried.  I was using it once, twice, three times a day.  And then I started forgetting.  And now it’s been a couple of weeks.  And I’ve failed at my product review, and nice PR lady is going to hate me.  And I don’t have a nice ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo, because there’s no change, and I need to put a disclaimer on my ‘About’ page. 

Disclaimer: Emma has industrial-strength stretch marks.  They aren’t going anywhere.  So don’t send help.  She will, however, accept all other freebies to review.  Because she loves free stuff.

Mama Mio, Goodbye Stretch Marks, has clinically proven ingredients to make (other peoples’) stretch marks history, and is available in Canada at the Bay.

Oh, and the bottle says that it’s also good for sun damage and age spots, so I’ll be glad to have this nice big bottle around, even if I’m not saying goodbye to my stretch marks.

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