Stories, not songs

Friday, November 21, 2008

I’m full of cold, some lingering sinus infection that’s being evil to my throat and making me feel miserable and go to bed early, so I’ve not been getting on the computer in the evenings, and I’m actually having to do real WORK at work (god forbid) so thinking about posts, blogging at all, has been out of my mind altogether.

Since I’ve been back to work, I’ve been expanding my blogroll, so much that the little list to the side of this post is really seriously out of date. I’ve increased my Cancon, which is good and important.  I’ve started reading some amazing, articulate daddy blogs (I often forget that men can write, because I am married to a fairly illiterate guy – that’s my small mindedness).  I’ve found blogs for meal planning and using the slow cooker.  My Google Reader is just full of good stuff – christ — 81 subscriptions.  The bad news seems to be more blogs read, less comments made.  And Google Reader means you don’t often actually click on the link, losing colour and content. 

I’m not sure if it’s because most the of reading that I do is online now, reading other people’s stories, fact and fiction, or what – but I’ve discovered since I’ve been back at work that I prefer to listen to podcasts during my commute rather than music.  And rather than holding a book or magazine.  I’ve got some great music on my ipod (currently addicted to Adele) but I think I prefer my cd’s in the car even though I am almost never in the car long enough to hear lots of music.  Podcats, both humourous and informative, are really making my train ride a lot more enjoyable (even though I am now the crazy person who laughs to themselves).  I’m addicted to the incredible story telling of This American Life (seriously, they can make ANYTHING a completely compelling tale, I am spell bound by it).  Friday Night Comedy from the BBC gives me some laughs and a taste of the old home – I did also have Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand but then this silly thing they did stupidly put them off the air.  Woss will be back, but I preferred Brand anyway.

A colleague at work introduced me to Democracy Now, which fills in a lot of blanks around my other sources of news, normally newspapers and broadcasters read online.  It’s very good.  I’ve also got the weekly episode of the Bugle, getting that both-sides-of-the-Atlantic perspective I try to maintain, along with a good chuckle.

Got any more recommendations of how I can fill my hour/ipod?

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