Friday, December 12, 2008

I realize I’ve missed the past 3 Decembers, living under a rock.  Well, sort of. 

December 2005 – Maternity leave had just started, and I was in the last few weeks of that really scarily unknown quantity of a first pregnancy.  Little did I know A BABY would emerge by the end of the month (I was in complete denial).  Also, I just realized, it’s like exactly 3 years since I got woken up by what I thought was an earthquake but was really a major explosion

December 2006 – we were living at my parents’ house, trying to find work.  I was consumed by the stress of arranging daycare pick ups and drop offs and getting this job that I really wanted, and trying to find our own home, and everything.  And the damn dog kept pissing on the carpet.  Oliver was turning one, just walking.

December 2007 – Callum was only a few weeks old and I was in that newborn sleepless haze that I can’t even remember and SOMEONE decided we just HAD to spend Christmas in England.  So off we went with a 5 week old and an almost 2 year old for 2 weeks.  Stupid. And too much.

None of these Decembers involved me being at work.  So I’m re-learning that December is a really cool time to be at work.  There are all kinds of baked goods that just keep turning up to share.  There are holiday parties and festive potlucks.  There is something in the air that says it’s the holidays, no one’s really working that hard, slow down. 

There are brass bands playing carols in train stations raising money for the Salvation Army.  There is a choir at work (who knew!) who keeps playing concerts in the lobby.  And there are more baked goods and parties.

It’s nice.


Someone has an idea to make things a little nicer on the internet.  I really like this idea (even if it means I’ve got about 90 blogs to comment on in the next few weeks).  I’m going to play.  Dad Gone Mad is proposing Operation: Comment Your Balls/Boobs Off!  Won’t you play too?  Hey you (3) people that come here, stay for a minute and say hi.  Even if you are a member of my family.  And I’ll delete you if you are a troll.  I don’t need comments that badly.  Play nice, people.

5 Responses to “Nice”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Hello Emma,

    I am sure you have more faithful readers than you realize. I check your blog daily…you always make me smile. Richie is constantly wondering what I am chuckling at. 🙂

  2. Samantha Says:

    December gets so much better as they get older. It’s so easy to get super sucked in to the craziness but so fun!

  3. Maria Says:

    I am increasingly seeing the appeal of working – and daycare! Have a yummy cookie or something for me…..PS, the Willer suite is almost finished downstairs x

  4. Vic Says:

    In a strange way I miss walking through Waterloo at Christmas to the sound of the Salvation Army band playing. and don’t get me started on the baked goods.

  5. Margery Says:

    Dear Emma,
    I always enjoy reading what you and Mark and my grandsons are up to now that I don’t see you every weekend. Christmas will be great this year as Oliver is so in to it!!

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