What stuck to the wall

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I have nothing coherent to say; I’m just going to throw it all out.  I thought these kind of posts were being reduced by my use of Twitter (oh, I love Twitter) but apparently not…

And the first topic is social networking.  I had my life nicely divided up into (a) Facebook = people I knew in real life and (b) Twitter = people I didn’t know at all, except completely intimatelyby reading their blogs,and a couple who actually read mine.  But now there are people I know in real life on Twitter, and people I don’t know at all who I am friends with on Facebook and I’m all confused about my audience…

I had some really good news last week – I survived a rather gruelling interview process, and obtained the job I’ve had for two years (well, one year was mat leave) on a permanent basis.  What great timing to get job security, as the economy crashes around us.  Job security, benefits, more vacation – good.  Actually 2% less pay (as I was being paid in lieu of benefits) – not good at all, particularly when your outgoings exceed your incomings.  But I have to suck it up.  I just got PERMANENT employment with an excellent employer, that I always wanted to work for, that I could work for forever quite happily. 

I also had a killer stomach bug last week, or food poisoning, not sure what – but it really got me, and it’s still kind of messed up my digestive system.  Things are not quite what they were. If only I could have maintained that lack of appetite…

I really, really need some new warm and comfortable snow boots.  This winter (oh wait, it’s not actually winter yet!!!) has been ridiculous.

I’ve mostly completed Christmas shopping.  In fact, I got most of the toys for the kids throughout the year when stuff was on sale, or when I stumbled upon something I liked.  So the impact on my Visa bill has not been so huge this month.  Most of my family is being given gift cards. Some people hate gift cards, but we’re just that kind of family that prefers to shop for ourselves, I think!  I do also try to get some thoughtful stuff to go along with the cards. I think I usually manage to get people stuff that they will like.  Or they are being really nice about hating it all.

We got a letter last night (hey! thanks for the warning!) that Oliver has an appointment at the surgery clinic tomorrow afternoon.  This is good news, obviously, as we’re finally moving along the path to getting his hernia fixed.  I just would have appreciated some more notice.  He’s excited to go – he thinks the children’s hospital is an adventure, with its cool elevators and paintings of familiar characters.  Hopefully he’s not going to have to visit it again after we get this sorted out.

4 Responses to “What stuck to the wall”

  1. Vic Says:

    I too am having difficulty with internet and real life crossing. I used to keep facebook separated from everything else, but now IRL people are following my blog and I’ve got bloggers on my facebook and everything seems to be rather confused. There’s possibly not a real answer out there, except not to post your blog on tweets when your tweets are published as your status on facebook!

  2. sandy Says:

    Best of luck with Ollie, it will be a very trying day no matter how you look at it. This too shall pass. Love Sandy K.

  3. Samantha Says:

    Good luck tomorrow Ems. I hope it all works out.

  4. UrbanVox Says:

    my real life and my online life are quite mixed up at the moment as well…
    weird uh??? 🙂

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