Can’t stop the…

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shopping.  Good god, the deals.  The deals that make a recession almost enjoyable.  The stuff.  Must stop. The bills, they will be bad.  And unpayable.

Got some proper winter boots.  The kind of boot that this winter requires (not the short little crappy number I’d been wearing the last couple of years).

Got a couple of pairs of work-appropriate pants (trousers), a cute little jacket, some socks, some tights, a couple of tank top things to wear under stuff, a causal shirt, some cute orangey mary janes, a necklace, a bracelet.

Improved our reading library with a whole bunch more Sandra Boynton books, got Callum a bunch of new clothes and some shoes, got both boys some awesome gorilla pajamas (oops- I was only buying some size 4s for Oliver when the salesperson accidentally managed to include the size 2s I had brought her so she could scan the tag – I love me some accidental free stuff!!).

Mark bought a treadmill (we are pledging to use it and not let it collect dust or become a clothes horse), a new wool suit, and a few other bits and pieces.

Please, lock me in the house.  Don’t let me hit the shops again. (but then I’m on the computer, and I’m desperately in need of some new books and music, and I’d love to hit the ‘check out’ button at Amazon but I just can’t until the bills from this month are dealt with…)

2 Responses to “Can’t stop the…”

  1. Kharma Says:

    kharma – you should take back those jammies and pay for them, start the year off right.

  2. EWiller Says:

    Ooh, trying to kick me in the pants. Couldn’t it be my good luck that I got them included? Like, thanks for the spending money and contributing to the economy kharma? Like, “hey you’ve spent lots of your hard earned money at this store, here’s a little bonus” sort of kharma? I sort of thought that the store clerk did notice what she had done, but she just couldn’t be bothered to take them out of the bag. Hey, I don’t really believe in kharma anyway.

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