Thursday, January 1, 2009

Three is cheeky.  Three is willful, disobedient, testing all the time. And yet, three also loves to tell everyone else the rules and what’s right and wrong.  Three is talking back like a thirteen year old.  Three is grammatically correct, asking lots of questions, listening and remembering EVERYTHING.


Three is finally using the potty almost consistently.  Not quite entirely there yet, but considering just a few weeks ago he was refusing to even look at a toilet, that’s progress.  He just suddenly decided he was ready.  Of course, getting more underwear for his birthday meant that he was given the opportunity to use them for their true purpose…

This was his idea, no one spurred him on

This was his idea, no one spurred him on

Three is mostly kind to his brother.  Three is wanting to help, always exploring.  Three is independence.  Except suddenly sometimes he wants to be picked up or spoon fed or some other baby-ish behavior.  Three is not quite entirely not a baby yet.


Three is still in love with books.  Three is making up stories.  Three is a vivid imagination.

Three can recognize lots of letters and numbers, but won’t trace his name yet (apparently daycare thinks he’s ‘behind’ on that one – whatever).  Three is a social butterfly at daycare, with lots of friends (the same group of boys, like his gang), and an obsession with Disney’s “Cars” characters despite never having seen the movie.  His daycare friends bring in the toys, and he tells us he loves Mater.

*whining* I wanna Mater cake, not Diego (despite the fact he picked it out himself)

*whining* I wanna Mater cake, not Diego (despite the fact he picked it out himself)

Happy birthday, Oliver.

3 Responses to “Three”

  1. Haley-O Says:

    Aww! Love the pictures! Happy Birthday, Oliver!!
    And, you know I can TOTALLY relate to everything you say about THREE…. Three is also… BACKYARDIGAN HELL!!! 😉

  2. Emma Says:

    I love the way you related it all to three. Is he in a Montesorri daycareÉ Because I am pretty sure only one of the 10 daughters my daughter went to playschol could trace her name. It isn`t even an issue at that point. They don`t start until this January for kindergarten prep. Maybe we are just way behind in Alberta!

  3. Emma Says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Oliver!

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