Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oliver started complaining about a sore tummy on Friday night, then vomited all over himself and his bed just as he was being tucked in.  A quick bath calmed him down, and then he was okay.  On Saturday, he was a sort of slower version of himself, declaring often that he needed rest (which is like completely out of character), and he barely ate any food all day.  He did enjoy some flat ginger ale, however.  Around 5pm, he was suddenly sick again.  At that point, we thought we’d better take him to the hospital as with an inguinal hernialike he has, there’s a chance that his intestines could become trapped in the hernia, which is quite dangerous – and vomiting is a sign that this may have happened.

Mark took him to our local hospital, and I waited at home with Callum.  And waited, and waited, with no phone call (he said his battery had run out.  Grrrrrr.).  Until 10pm, when Mark called and asked me to throw a bunch of stuff together for him because he had to take him to the children’s hospital downtown for surgery immediately.

The doctors that saw him at the first hospital were extremely worried, would have operated on the spot, but had a policy of referring kids under 6 to the children’s hospital (the one where he has surgery scheduled for mid-February).

I talked to my mother, found out when she could come over (in the morning) so that we could both be there with him, but when they got home, Mark decided he would let me drive his car and take Oliver instead of freaking out at home.

So we got there, and there was no surgeon waiting for us as Mark had thought – we had to be assessed just like the 40 other people waiting (mostly babies with fevers, from what I could tell) but he was prioritized.  The on-call surgeon eventually saw him, showed me what he would look like if his intestines were compromised and sent us home at 3am.  Just a tummy bug after all.

I’m still trying to catch up on sleep.


My organs feel rough.  I guess it’s a sign of aging (okay, I’m only 31, but still).  I can actually feel in my body that I ate too much crap over the holidays.  I overdosed on cake.  There is finally no birthday cake or nanaimo bars left in the fridge.  I can’t even think about ingesting a baked good at this point (and that is a good thing).  I’ve been craving vegetables!  We probably have scurvy.  But anyway, to remedy this, I filled with the fridge with all manner of green things, and attempted a tofu stir fry last night featuring baby bok choy and snow peas and all good things.  I tried to eat it and gagged.

Why can I not make tofu properly?  In England, we used to buy this marinated tofuthat was spongy and tasty, almost like a really dry omelette  in texture.  Tofu I’ve bought here is like solid pudding, not in a good way.  I bought extra firm.  It was squishy and disintegrated in the wok.  Thankfully, Mark scarfed down both our portions and both kids ate way more of it than I did.  I think I’d better stick to beans and lentils for vegetarian protein.  Oh, and detox FAIL as I ended up eating half a bag of chips to supplement my non-existent dinner.


On Sunday night, Mark went down to the basement to set up our new treadmill, and discovered an inch of sewage in our laundry room.  Our septic tank had decided to vomit all over our basement.

This is one of those occasions where Mark redeems himself.  The night before, I wanted to kill him.  He didn’t update me as to what was going on at the hospital.  He yelled at me to yell at the nurses when we got to the second hospital that Oliver needed to be seen immediately because he had to have surgery – even though he’s never been there and he doesn’t understand the triage system that we were queued up for.  Hey, guess what buddy, we don’t work well in a crisis together.

But then Sunday night he dug up the hatch to the septic tank, unclogged the pipe of whatever gucky hair/waste/etc. was blocking it, and let the water flow again.  He mopped the sewage water down the drains, and bleached the concrete so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the stank anymore.  And he’s disinfecting the washer and dryer and whatever else came into contact with the water (thankfully, not much did).

Okay, I’ll keep you around a little while longer.

4 Responses to “Purge”

  1. Vic Says:

    It’s my experience that men fall to pieces when their family is threatened, but have little problem dealing with repair emergencies.
    Hope Oliver’s recovered from the bug.

  2. Lisa Says:

    OMG so sorry about the Oliver drama! Poor you – you must have been a wreck. 😦

    So funny, I always complain that it’s hard to find silken tofu here (fresh) and can only get the Cauldren crumbly stuff! If you need to use the silken type again, press it between two plates and something heavy on top like a big saucepan for a little while. That’ll help take out the moisture. Also, cut it up into squares, marinate in soy sauce, and bake in the oven for a few minutes. That’ll also help make it firmer.

  3. EWiller Says:

    Lisa, thank you for the tip.

    And of course, we always want what we can’t get… 🙂

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