14 months

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Callum, I haven’t written about you in much too long. I must document this time properly (particularly as your baby book is like completely blank). I had forgotten what a good age this is. This is like the bridge between baby and toddler, when you get the best of both worlds.

And Callum is also much more of a textbook baby than Oliver ever was – he seems to be following developmental milestones (particularly social and language ones) more closely to ‘average’ than Oliver ever did. I just checked some developmental screening tools for aged 12 and 15 months, and he’s almost right on track for everything. I was always just a little worried about Oliver – not significant enough to seek help, but with your first baby, you never know what’s normal and what isn’t.

So the baby in him wants a cuddle, wants to be held, wants his milk in a bottle, would still probably just drink milk all day rather than eat a lot of food. The baby reaches out for Mummy and Daddy, looks for us when he cries, is deliriously happy to see us at the end of the day. (Oliver was so not like that! Always Mr. Independent!)

The toddler in him is determined to cruise everywhere. He’s still not walking. He started cruising like 3 or 4 months ago and he seems to think that’s enough for him. He’s take a few steps on his own when we’ve forced him to but he’s not really making much effort to let go. And he only actually learned to crawl properly at about a year old, so that’s still new and exciting to him, too.

He’s very musical. Any music, particularly a song he recognizes, and he’s dancing and/or clapping. This is clearly something that’s been supported by daycare as we’ve never really played much music for them, other than when we’re all in the car, because Oliver’s never really been interested in dancing.

This was my attempt to get him to dance on cue. All it ended up demonstrating is that we subject him to WAY too much tv, and this shows you how much he’s into it. Sorry, buddy. Bad mom right here. At least at the end the proper dancing came from an actual song.

He really does love In the Night Garden, and he loves his book of Night Garden opposites that we bought for a quid at Tesco last time we were all there. And he got lots of Night Garden toys for his birthday and he’ll point out the characters on the show. When his brother actually lets him watch it and doesn’t demand more Dora and Diego.

He’s obsessed with his older brother. Anything he can do, he’s going to try. Daddy and Oliver indulging in some popcorn the other night?

Oh yeah, I’m all over that, even if I am probably going to choke on it.

He’s such an imitator. It’s very entertaining. If Oliver’s playing with his new kitchen, and making us some food, Callum’s right there bringing me oranges and pretending to eat ice cream.

And thankfully as he gets older, it’s easier and easier for them to actually play together. One of their favourite things to do right now is get into Oliver’s bed together and roll around giggling. I’m not really sure what the point is, but it’s great. And Oliver is usually pretty good about not hurting him. As we keep warning him, one day Callum is really going to be bigger than him. Like significantly bigger. They are 22 months apart, but only about 3 lbs. apart. Only about 1 clothing size apart.

He’s started talking. He can clearly say ‘Daddy’ and point at the right person. He sort of mumbles ‘mama’ but doesn’t say it to me directly (which is a huge improvement on Oliver who never made ANY mmmm sounds and didn’t say Mummy until he was almost 2). He can, of course, say ‘uh oh’ and something resembling ‘up’ and ‘thank you’. And he understands everything – can follow directions, etc.

I don’t really remember Oliver being so expressive – but Callum is. He’s already had a couple of tantrums about stuff. He’s tried to hurt me in retaliation when he didn’t like something I did. But he also hugs and kisses, which Oliver has never really been into.

My grandfather said to me, when we saw them over the holidays – “there’s something about that boy, I don’t know what it is, but he’s a special one”. Yes, he definitely is.

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