Thursday, February 5, 2009

Any plans I had this week of getting back to normal routines, of enjoying the reunion with my kids has been kicked upside the head by a nasty little tummy bug that Callum spread around.

Not sure if he got it on the plane, or he picked it up at daycare and it was so virulent it hit him immediately (most of his class has been off this week) but he’s been ill since then and Mark and I were splitting up working from home duties.

Until last night when Mark started upchucking rather violently.

I think I’ve possibly had a very mild version. I’m fine.

I’m mostly worried about Oliver getting it and then having his hernia repair surgery next week cancelled.  That would sort of suck.  I just want it to be fixed, to get it over with.

Anyway, back to attempting to work from home, and quitely likely another simultaneous mother-and-child clothing change due to major leakage.  So tired of cleaning up pooh this week.  Nothing else is getting cleaned up. Barely gotten any work done during work hours, house is a disaster, and I’m a little ball of stress.

Le sigh.  This too shall pass, right?

2 Responses to “Felled”

  1. Vic Says:

    Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

  2. Haley-O Says:

    Oh, hugs! And, I HEAR YOU!

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