Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barring any unanticipated complications, Oliver’s having inguinal hernia repair surgery tomorrow morning.  Wish him luck.  Wish us luck.  It’s very minor surgery but he’s still going under – under the knife and under anaesthetic.

7 Responses to “Fixed”

  1. Maria Says:

    Good luck – I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and looking forward to news that all has gone well. Just think what a relief it will be for this to be over. M xx

  2. Sandy Says:

    Good luck tomorrow. It is a minor surgery but will still be very scary for everyone involved. Let us know how it goes.


  3. Vic Says:

    Hope everything goes ok.

  4. kgirl Says:

    All the best. Sending Oliver and you strong, healing vibes.

  5. jamie Says:

    It’s Wednesday, I hope Oliver is doing great, but most of all I hope his mum is holding together!

  6. Sandy Kerr Says:

    Hi Em, How’s the little guy doing? Had my fingers crossed for him. Hope you are able to relax a little now that its over and done with.

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