Thursday, March 12, 2009

In a perfect world, we’d live here.  If you don’t click the link, I just created an island in the middle of the Atlantic and named it after our family ’cause I clearly have some kind of kick for imperialism.

Well, okay, it probably wouldn’t be that great because we’d have to import all kinds of stuff and travel costs would always be an issue, and the weather would probably suck.   I mean, look where it is.

But we’d be sort of half way between Canada and the UK, which is where we are often stuck anyway. 

If we live here, we don’t see Mark’s family enough.  If we live there, we don’t see my immediate family enough but do get a good chunk of my extended family.  If we lived there, we’d be super poor now.  If we live here, we are mostly okay.

In the UK, I revelled in Canada Day in Trafalgar Square, in dressing my kid in Roots (that’s from this week – oh look, we are famous!), in celebrating my Candian-ness, in seeking out anything that would reinforce my weird little identity in a foreign country.

Now I live in Canada, I read the Daily Mail online everyday for the gossip, the BBC website for the real news.  I follow Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross on twitter and listen to their podcasts.  I love the Friday Night Comedy podcast from the BBC.  We often watch the BBC world news.  Some of my favourite television remains Doctor Who, Torchwood, random comedies.  We often tape BBC movies or specials when they are shown on TVO or other channels.    We ensure the kids get exposed to British children’s television.  Last night I watched the Brit Awards and loved it.

Mark of course misses his family and friends.  He’s been back a lot more times than I have, though.  And the last time I went was a haze of sickness and a five week old baby and a two year old.  Oh wow, that was a crap trip.

I miss a lot of it.  The shopping.  The travelling.  Being in London.  Such an awesome city.  Current British television, since what we get is so often behind (Eastenders is 2.5 years behind, which means that soon it will be new to me, pathetically).  And we never get any specials like Comic Relief or all the fun Christmas shows.

And weirdly I do miss being a bit different in another country.   How where I was from and my accent was always an interesting point of discussion at work, and socially.   I still get a little kick in my gut when I see a Canadian flag on a backpack – only to remember, oh wait, I live here now! I’m no longer seeking out those that live on the other side of the pond, because I’m back.

Mostly.  Still got one foot on the other side of the ocean, though.

2 Responses to “Transatlantic”

  1. Emma Says:

    I don’t know where I would live in a perfect world. My family is in England (my mum is actually moving back there next year, as long as housing prices here stop falling), William’s is in Australia and Ireland. If I only had the two little ones, and not 2 teenagers I would move back to England. But to take the oldest? They’d be eaten alive by those English kids!

  2. Athena Says:

    My husband is also British, well English but grew up in Scotland. Family all over the UK. I love it there as well but he moved here cause he likes it here, so we’ve just started our very own family. I would move there in a heartbeat if he wanted to go back. . though you’re right, it IS very expensive.

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