Dribs and drabs

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oliver got sick on Friday night – wonderfully, suddenly while we were out grocery shopping, he became completely inconsolable (leading many strangers, mostly old Italian ladies, to ask him why he was crying so much, and then he’d cry some more) and tried to convince me that a bug had taken up shop in his ear.  So I’m thinking he’s got a mosquito bite and it’s bothering him and I’ve got to put anti-itch stuff in the cart anyway to take on holiday so I rub some on his ear.  Why was I not automatically thinking ear infection?  Durrrrr.  A bug in your ear is like a bug in your stomach, right?  He was better after copious amounts of pain killers administered every 4 hours through Friday night (that was about how long it took between the screams).  And he woke up for the day at like 5am on Saturday morning (extremely painful for someone who’s kids generally sleep till at least 7) but eventually fell asleep in my lap. UNHEARD OF.  He was like a little generator, the fever had built up so much heat.  Some antibiotics prescribed Saturday morning, and all is well.  The bug is dead.


Callum ended up sleeping in until 8:30am Saturday morning, until he got so fed up of wondering why the hell no one had bothered to get him up yet, he started completely freaking out.  Poor thing.


Saturday also featured some ME TIME.  Hurray.  I got to spend a good chunk of the day with Tami.  We went to the One of a Kind Show downtown.  I showed great restraint and only bought one thing – but it was a good thing:


One day I’ll be able to hang it in a window and properly enjoy it – for now it’s safely on the fireplace mantle.


Sunday morning, we checked out a free introductory screening of Toons for Toddlers, a great idea for introducing the kids to the movies.  Unfortunately they didn’t seem to be all that bothered.  But probably because In the Night Garden is old news in this house.  Personally, I’m hoping the Yo Gabba Gabba live tour hits town.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  I am actually desperately wanting to attend a children’s entertainment event.  Have you seen the Ting Tings and their Happy Birthday song?  God, I love it.   It’s like always stuck in my head.  And I really enjoyed the Jack Black episode the other day.  As did my children.  Which we also watched this weekend.  Gee, we did a lot this weekend, eh?


Sunday afternoon, we went to hang out with my parents, and for the first time in a LONG time, Oliver actually behaved in a restaurant.  Like sat and ate and stuff.  Like what normal people do. It was amazing.


At the same restaurant – well, a pub in North Oshawa – I experienced a deep fried Mars bar with ice cream.  It unfortunately was not what I hoped it would be.  Perhaps I should have waited until the next time I was in a greasy chippy in Scotland.


This child  is now asking all the time to do ‘homework’ (tracing letters, matching shapes, counting and sorting objects in pre-k workbooks):


Oliver and Grandma


And this child is completely obsessed with trains.  This is the Thomas fan I was expecting to find in Oliver, but never really did:

Callum and the choo choo

Callum and the choo choo

3 Responses to “Dribs and drabs”

  1. SCM Says:

    I like the tree

  2. Suburban Mum Says:

    I love the tree too.

    I also love deep fried mars bars. What were you expecting?

  3. Hines Says:

    Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my quenitoss are answered!

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