(All I ever wanted)

Monday, April 20, 2009

It’s my nature to be self-deprecating.  It’s also completely ‘me’ to focus on the negatives of something perfectly good, because to be talking about only the good seems to my clearly damaged psyche like bragging too much.  So I am going against the grain here and I am not going to complain about ANYTHING (not even the buffet breakfast or squirrel-sized lizards or coffee or even each child having a bloody nose – in fact I had forgotten about Oliver painting Pearson red until now…).

Our vacation.  It was good.

I had some awesome drinks. We learned what was good to eat and what was not so much. Oliver fell in love with 5 year old Zoe from Winchester, UK – and is still talking about her, and cried when he couldn’t be around her. He also hung out with some cool kids from Calgary. And if any parents are considering taking their kiddies to Cuba (which I kind of think is crazy of all the Europeans there with small children – I mean, you won’t be catching me on a 12 hour flight with my toddlers for fun), I wholly recommend the Tryp Peninsula’s baby club. They did an awesome job taking care of and entertaining my children. Especially as we seemed to be one of the few families ditching abandoning leaving the kids with them!  We got a little sun and splashed in the pool a lot and got lots of rest.

The end.

I almost did it!  I almost stayed completely positive!  Yay me!

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