The weekend that was

Monday, May 11, 2009

So Friday night Callum was climbing on the couch and he fell down from a decent height, and I tried to grab him, and he fell really awkwardly on his left shoulder/arm and there went 2 hours of the evening spent in Emergency to see whether or not it was broken or just dislocated or nothing at all.   It was the latter.  When I left the house his arm was limp and he wouldn’t use it.  When I got to the hospital, he was moving it fine.  I could have gone home but instead I decided to spend $13 on parking and potentially expose us to swine flu (hey, now I know where all the people in face masks hang out).

Saturday morning, we were out the door bright and early for Oliver’s first dentist appointment ever.  A non-event, really.  His teeth are good.  He let them poke around.  The only thing he wouldn’t let them do was use Mr. Sucky <insert  your own joke here> so he couldn’t have fluoride treatment.  But we use fluoride toothpaste at home as we are on well water.  So he gets it anyway.

Then our town’s recreation department was holding ‘Springfest’ at a local conservation area, so we drove out there.  Except then the torrential downpour started.  So much for bouncy castles and climbing courses.  We turned up anyway to see what was going on and ended up being the only visitors for the whole event.  Bad for them, good for us.  Nice bbq’d lunch and the kids got to do crafts.

Came home, cleaned ourselves up, put Callum down for a nap, and Oliver and I went for a drive into Toronto to attend latest Bunch’s family dance party.

Too bad I didn’t bring Callum, as the little dance machine would have loved it.  Instead I took the boy who just woke up from a short nap to find himself surrounded by strangers and he wasn’t that happy at first.

But who I am kidding, we didn’t go there for him!  We went there for me!  So I could hang out with Katie and Haley and Catherine and Ali and meet their cute kids.  And fête the launch of their new endeavour, Canada Moms Blog, which is pretty cool.

Oliver fell in love with Katie and her daughter and is still talking about them.  That boy, he always finds a girl he likes.  Or two.

And eventually, he even got up to dance.

IMG_2104IMG_2099(this was actually at a club, full of kids in the daytime rather than adults at night. and so I couldn’t help thinking about when Jude Law’s kid ate that pill on the floor of a club and I was momentarily convinced he was going to end up throwing back some acid. instead he ate part of a pretzel that landed on the floor.)

oliverandemmabunch(it says ‘my mom rocks because: she likes me all of the time’. someone has recently told him that what makes your mummy and daddy special is that they like you all of the time, no matter what, even if you are bad. whoever you are, thank you.)

So that was fun and then we went home and that day was enough.

And then Sunday came and my family was coming over so we could all go out for brunch, so Mark took the kids out and I cleaned the house. Somewhere in there I got flowers and cards shoved into my hand.

Brunch was not actually until 1pm, because we didn’t make a reservation until too late, so we basically just hung out at home.

By the time my parents and brother left it was (snack food) dinner time and bath time and early to bed after a busy weekend.

Oh and somewhere in there?  This little (GIGANTOR) baby became 18 months old.


The bay-bee, my little baaaaaaaaby, also, tonight, told the dog quite clearly to ‘SIT DOWN’.  Both of my children are SO good at telling other people/animals/things what to do.

Lucky they are cute sometimes.


2 Responses to “The weekend that was”

  1. ali Says:

    i’m always a total spazz at these events…chasing after too many children does that to me, i guess! i hope i didn’t scare you away! ha!

  2. How did I miss this? Oh that boy is so charming – he really is. And wasn’t that rain crazy? Gigi ended shutting the place down – that’s my girl! It was wonderful seeing you again.

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