A bad place to nest

Friday, May 22, 2009

This is our third spring in this house.

Every year, a couple of Canada geese take up residence on our island in our pond (a tributary of a river flows through our backyard; actually it’s pretty stagnant, not so flow-y) as winter comes to an end.  They make a nest and lay some eggs and wait.

The first spring, there was a late freeze, and the pond iced up.  Something walked across the ice and smashed the eggs.  A coyote, a raccoon, a fox.  Whatever, it was awful.

The second spring, we waited, and the babies were born! And then, a couple of days later, there were only parents, and no babies.  Something must have eaten them.  Again, awful.

This year, we have waited.  We have watched with binoculars from the picture window.  We have kept the dog out of the backyard (she is not a suspect in the previous crimes, by the way).  Last week, before we went away, the mother goose was still sitting on the nest.  It seemed late.  I was feeling pessimistic.

On Tuesday, after a long weekend away, I opened the curtains after we got home from work/daycare.  And found a scene of joy.  A whole lot of goslings!  And two sets of adults!


I actually don’t think they are the ones from our island.  I think we lost those again.  But I was just so happy to see some kind of life out there.  (Please, nothing eat them.  Please.  Even if they poop everywhere and they are basically evil.)

Anyone here speak goose?  I need to tell those geese to stop coming back.

psst – last chance to enter my little contest!

3 Responses to “A bad place to nest”

  1. kgirl Says:

    How awesome! I go crazy with joy whenever any creature takes up residence in my postage stamp-sized Toronto backyard. Mice? Yep, I protect their little nest. Squirrels? Yep, I don’t shoo them from the bird feeder. Cardinals, jays or woodpeckers? Enough to keep me smiling all day.
    Last year, we had a young raccoon that liked to nap in the little greenhouse on top of my shed (which is built in to the side of the back porch, so he was basically sleeping on the porch), and regardless of the fact that he used the adjoining portion of the roof as a litter box, we let him stay all summer.

  2. SCM Says:

    You need a duck island. Just don’t try to claim for it on your expenses.

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