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Road trip dreaming

Monday, June 29, 2009

It’s sort of ridiculous, but I have barely seen any of Canada.  I have traveled all over the world, and look forward to conquering more of the planet, but I haven’t been east of Ottawa, and I haven’t been out west since we moved to Ontario from BC in 1988.  OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO.  That’s sort of pathetic.

For you non-Canadians, let’s just say that I have only visited about 3% of the country I live in.  (For more context, I have probably visited like 60% of the UK, even if that’s just driving through on a highway, which is a heck of a lot more than I’ve seen of 97% of Canada). God, I have probably seen more of the US, percentage-wise.  This is terrible.  This should mean my Canadian citizenship gets revoked.

Dudes, this is a BIG country

Dudes, this is a BIG country

One day, we are going to grab this country by the balls throat and DO IT.  We’ll go east and see the Bay of Fundy and visit Halifax, where I used to want to live, see islands and fields, the Cabot Trail, Cape Spear, and dip our toes in the Atlantic Ocean, and eat lots of seafood.  We’ll go north, not the pansy north (god, Sudbury is like SO FAR AWAY for those of us that live in Southern Ontario) but the real north, where polar bears live (hopefully still live by the time we get there), and it’s not just rural but mostly uninhabited.  We’ll go west and we’ll show the kids what mountains really are (I love how Oliver asks if a 20 ft high hill is a mountain.  No kid, you have NO IDEA).  We’ll see islands and fields and places where I lived and played from ’84 to ’88, and dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean, and eat lots of seafood.  All along the way, there would be friends to see, friends who have escaped from Ontario, or friends from long ago (thanks Facebook, for sometimes you are useful and good).

Right now?  I hate road trips.  Two kids in car seats that they hate to be strapped into means I can’t deal with a road trip.  I would love to go and see my grandparents in Ottawa more often.  But I dread the road trip.  I am dying to get down to Pennsylvania to see old friends (hi Maria!) but I dread the road trip.  We will get there.  Once the alignment of time off work melds with my brain being able to deal with the screaming.  Also, it helps to schedule driving while they need to sleep.  But I’d really rather do it when I have to endure hours of ‘I Spy’ rather than whining or screaming.  It will end one day, right?

So, with a mixture of envy and excitement, I am following along as Catherine and Katie do a BIG Canadian road trip with their kids (those brave souls), and tweet/twitpic/blog about it all the way.  One day, we’ll do that too.  For now, it’s fun to read as they go along.  And I hope to hear more about it at BlogHer or possibly on their return to Toronto if they still have enough stamina to see people after two weeks of hardcore traveling…