Curtains: part two

Monday, June 8, 2009

I know, you’ve been waiting around for this entry since September 2008.  Right?  Of course.  Edge of your seat and all that.  Ha.  Anyway.

Interior decor has been a problem since we moved in.

  1. We had great plans to buy nice stuff since we had lots of money when we moved to Canada (all money, no assets).
  2. Then we bought a house (all assets, no money).
  3. Then that surprise second kid came along and what was the point of having nice stuff anyway.
  4. Then we got totally overwhelmed by all the stuff that needed to be done to the decor of this house and instead froze.
  5. Then we didn’t have enough hours in the day to function, never mind decorate, so so much for this house.

So when I’ve had a few free moments (like when Mark took both boys to England in January, or when he took Callum last September) I’ve tackled their bedrooms.  Because even if the rest of the house is abysmal, at least their rooms can be cheery on the cheap.  And I’m not trying to get into the pages of House & Home here.  (oh and I wish I could strive for that in the rest of the house. I really do have good intentions. Just no time and money.)

Where did I start?  With their curtains.

Oliver’s room came with some interesting curtains – I mean, where do you get this fabric?! – clearly custom made, with construction vehicles and worker people.  Never would have gone in that direction.  We didn’t paint his walls – we decided it was acceptable as is with three blue walls and one tan. Again, I wouldn’t have done that, but whatever.

IMG_2220Airplanes painted by me. Which is why they look terrible.

So we go from there – construction and transportation. (in case you don’t know, Oliver’s dad has always work in public transportation (e.g. subway or trains) and flies a plane for fun in his spare time – so we are big on planes and trains around here).


Artwork from Winners and a personalization mail order catalog in England.


Decals from the dollar store. So probably full of lead. But he doesn’t lick them.


Transportation-themed wallpaper appliques, Wallies.  Hook board from Winners.

IMG_2196More art work from Winners.  (I usually get the stuff on clearance because I am Mrs. Cheapo)

IMG_2197My mum got him these drawers on a shopping trip to the States.

IMG_2198So stickers in an Ikea frame can be art too.  Heh.

When we moved in this house, Callum was a flutter in my tummy.  First his room was a guest room, but we painted the walls neutral tan knowing someone of one gender or another was coming, but kept the curtains.  Even though I knew they had been custom made for a girls room.  What do you do with stars?  Go into deep space.

IMG_2205IMG_2199Rocket ship height chart from Winners (I paid full price, I loved it that much)

IMG_2200Robot in space art from Winners (love this too, it’s sparkly, and I don’t get a lot of sparkly with no girls!!) and retro space ship Wallies I found on ebay.

IMG_2202I made his name sign from a box lid and paint and letter stickers from the dollar store, then added felt shapes from a craft store in the US that cost a dollar too.

IMG_2221I’ve had this mobile since university (at least 12 years)

So I’d never claim to like their curtains.  But I can work with them.  Until one day when either we can spend some money on this place or GET THE HELL OUT.  I’m hoping for the latter.

(I really hope not to be writing Curtains: part three.  Please god no.)

4 Responses to “Curtains: part two”

  1. mapsgirl Says:

    I think you did a great job!!

    And for a job well done (well, sort of … it’s cuz I like your blog), I have something for you on my blog.

  2. SCM Says:

    Nowt wrong with what you’ve done with them. Even better when you consider how little you’ve spent.

  3. 1001petals Says:

    Wow, you’re crafty 🙂 They look like very fun rooms 🙂

  4. metro mama Says:

    Looks great! I just finished #2’s room, I should post some pics too.

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