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Monday, June 15, 2009

Note: this is not an Uncle Ben’s product review.   Although I am a fan of both boxed and homemade stuffings.  But that is a total digression.

It’s been fun times around here lately.  The kids got SUPER sick on Wednesday night and only made it back to normal routines like daycare today.  Mark and I traded off working days, and spent the weekend trying to quell the screaming while juggling errands and life.  I mean, I felt bad because they were really sick (Oliver is on the up after an antibiotic prescription for a throat infection – strep? Not sure – but bad; Callum has a cold and is hacking up a lung as I write this) but by this morning I had really had ENOUGH of the crying and the screaming and MY GOD THE SNOT.  We have gone through so many tissues.  Despite Oliver refusing to blow his nose anymore because the snot has been stuck and he’s got some kind of nose-blowing post-traumatic stress disorder.  Get over it please.

Just when I thought today would be an almost return to normalcy, Mark announced at 3pm today that he was hopping on a flight to Chicago for some kind of work emergency.  As in, right now.  Who does that?!  I mean, he’s not a firefighter.  He’s an IT-related project manager.  Has his company heard of couriers??  Seriously.

So my coping strategy for the evening was to (a) order pizza (b) dispense appropriate medication [should have taken some myself] and (c) turn on cartoons.  Oh and simultaneously interview a potential babysitter.  Who thankfully was lovely and didn’t mind my filthy house or the dog jumping on her.

Oh man, I seriously have parental burn out right now.

The good news? We probably have a babysitter.  There is lots of pizza left (breakfast AND lunch, oh my!).  The kids are already asleep (although I expect I will have to get Callum up as I am fairly confident he’s going to vomit at some point with all that awful coughing), so tired after a long day with friends and teachers.  I got invited to my first bridal shower today, for a good friend (I never had one and somehow I’ve never been invited to one even though I have been to a number of weddings).  I get to go to an all-day training session in a JAIL! on Wednesday (I am ridiculously excited to go to jail) on this pretty cool and important topic.  There seems to be lots of good stuff going on the calendar – all kinds of activities and events and such coming up this summer.

Breathe.  (Eat pizza.)  (Drink.)   (Sleep.)

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