Tell me a story

Friday, June 19, 2009

Overheard, as I came in from yoga, (I’m paraphrasing): Go to bed, I’ve had enough. Stop picking your nose.  It’s disgusting.

Commence: screaming at the baby gate. WHY YES we do lock our oldest child in his room at night.

After I sat down, turned on the news ticker for a minute, I decided to go and settle him down.

He wants another book read.  I feel tired and the light is already turned off.  I have another proposal to make.  He curls up in my lap.

Me: Tell me a story.

(after much coaxing…)

Me: Once upon a time, there was…

Oliver: A mouse!

Me: …named?…

Oliver: (whispers) Callum


Oliver: (whispers) A boy named Oliver

Me: …and they lived…

Oliver: (whispers) In a castle

Me: …and one day they went for a walk.  And what happened?

Oliver: There was a BIG STORM!

Me: Okay, so there’s crashes of THUNDER and LIGHTENING and what happened then?

Oliver: It crashed into the buildings!! It broke the buildings.

Me: But the castle was okay.  The castle was still standing.  So all the people that lived in the buildings, they came to stay in the castle so they would be safe.  So Oliver and Callum took care of them.  What did they do to take care of them?

Oliver: (whispers) They gave them lunch

Me: Okay (giggling), Oliver and Callum gave them lunch, and they ALSO tucked them all into bed.  So they were all safe.  The end.

Without saying a word, he crawls into bed and waits for me to tuck him in.

A peaceful bedtime.  Sometimes it requires some creativity.

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