Fit-in 15

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This month at work, we’ve been spending most weekday lunches doing at least a 20 minute walk for various health-related charities that we support every year.  As in, I work for a major employer that does a whole lot of fundraising stuff in June for health charities, and there are events and bake sales and samosa sales and all sorts.

And this walking at lunch idea, though not MY idea but instead the suggestion of the fund raising organizers, has turned out to be a very good idea.  It’s very difficult to find any time in my day to do any sort of physical activity that isn’t (a) running after one of the kids down the hall; (b) walking from the subway to my desk or vice versa; or (c) walking from my car to the train platform or vice versa.  That’s normally the extent of my movement.  I could get up before 6am to get on the treadmill (but I’d be even more tired than now). I could do more in the evening (I just started a yoga class once a week) but there’s so much other stuff to do in the evening (like the dishwasher and laundry and even YES sitting and vegetating).

Our days are busy at work, and lunch often involves sitting at my desk clearing out my Google Reader and checking out newspaper websites, so this forced activity has been welcomed.  All of us who have been doing it have really enjoyed it.  I’ve also found new treasures, like the courtyard around Osgoode Hall which is like stepping into the best of England for a few minutes.

A new website from the Canadian Chiropractic Association is sort of suggesting the same thing.  I was directed to Fit-in 15 on Schmutzie’s site and I signed up for the reminder emails as I think it’s a good idea particularly beyond June when the charity fundraiser is over.  I need to keep walking at lunch, and more.

(I wrote this post so I could enter Schmutzie’s contest – Canadians, you can too)

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