Summer times

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It’s July, which is a month I always have high hopes for, although they are usually dashed.  Well, this one can’t be that bad.  (knocking on the proverbial wood) On my birthday (July 18th), we’ve got tickets to see the Just for Laughs Britcom Gala show hosted by John Cleese featuring Jimmy Carr (who I think is hilarious) amongst others.  A few days later, and I’m solo (NO KIDS!  NO HUSBAND! NO NO ONE!) off to Chicago for a nice long weekend (you know, that little conference thingy that’s happening).  The weekend after, inspired by my previous post, we’re taking the plunge (queue that screaming, kids) and driving down to Pennsylvania to see friends.  And, okay, probably also some shopping (no sales tax! woot woot!).  We’ve also filled up the rest of the time with Soccer Tots for Oliver on Monday nights, swimming lessons for both kids on Sunday morning, and – thus proving I no longer have any dignity or care about embarrassing myself – I finish Yoga next Tuesday night only to then start a Belly Dancing class.  Oh my.

There’s a good friends’ wedding at the end of August.  There’s the first day of Oliver going to kindergarten as the summer draws to a close…

Anyway, there’s also lots going on at the boys’ daycare this summer, as they get additional kids who attend ‘summer camp’ when schools’ out.  They sent home a permission slip for the over 3 crowd for four field trips, two of which were to (free) parks, and decided to charge the total price of $100 for all 4, with no option to pick single trips.  Seriously?  How much of my money do I already give you (oh wait, I know – 50% each month)???  I seriously can’t afford it.  Okay, I probably could have asked Mark to cover it (generally kid stuff is my department; we split responsibilities rather than share our money).  But I decided, on price, yes – but primarily because most of the free adult volunteer spots were taken – that instead? I’m going to pull Oliver out the days that he’s missing, as many of them as I can, and do something fun with him myself.  I have enough vacation days to cover this idea.  He will LOVE IT if I take him downtown on the GO train, and there really is so much to do in the city.  Or we could stay closer to home and find a beach on a lake.  Or dare I attempt to take him to the very nearby Canada’s Wonderland… (which would actually be a lot more than $25, but what the hell).

And you know what – that kid is pretty fun and well behaved when we hang out on our own.

Today I left a comment on a blog post for a contest, where the question was – ‘what are you looking forward to doing with your kids this summer?’.  And my answer was something about the fact that Oliver understands when something is ‘special’ now, like a day out together, and that he’ll remember things we are doing now.  Which is pretty cool.  Which means I have more summer times to look forward to.

Happy days.

3 Responses to “Summer times”

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  2. Tami Says:

    I’d love to spend a day with you and Oliver! I know where there’s a beach, a lake, bathroom facilities, and a playground! 😉

  3. We’re considering CW in August! But yeah, it’s spendy.

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