Write it on my hand

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
No, I'm not trying to punch you

No, I'm not trying to punch you. Not today.

I’ve done it forever. When I need to remember something important, today, immediately, I write it on my hand.  I’ve done it forever.  I still do it.  Today there are 3 items on my hand list:

  1. Superior 253 Y – My dad took me out for lunch today, to the Superior Restaurant at 253 Yonge Street, across from the Eaton Centre. It was good.
  2. Photos for UK – My parents are going to England in August; Mark is going with Callum in September.  I need to print some photos to give to relatives, which I never get around to, and I need to send some photos we had taken of Callum at a studio recently.
  3. baby bjorn – Friends are imminently going to have their first child, and have been quizzing me about various baby items.  They already bought a carrier, but wanted to try out the Baby Bjorn.  I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest thing ever – but I’d rather they tried it out before they spent more money.  So I’ll lend ours.

I can’t be the only one that does this, right? Ah, the power of Google – look at this!  Someone buy it for me for my birthday!!!  (I’d put it on the outside of my hand, though)

The kids get weirded out by my written-on hand.  But with so many less brain cells than I used to have (I can blame that on having kids, not on anything fun like drugs), I need my hand-written hand.

7 Responses to “Write it on my hand”

  1. Haley-O Says:

    I’m not a handwriter, no. Or, a writer-on-hand. That’s definitely a QUIRK, girl! BIZARRO! Love it!

  2. Clare Riddiford Says:

    Hoorah – it’s not just me trying to work out the hieroglyphics at the end of a day with too many hand-washes!

  3. jamie Says:

    I write on my hand all the time too, and then my hooligans give me trouble for writing on myself!

    Tell your friends a ring sling or a wrap for when baby is wee, and ergo for when bigger. I still use my ergo and T is 2 1/2. Baby Bjorn not so good for baby’s spine. 😉

    • EWiller Says:

      Yeah, I did explain that as I had a fabric sling too – but they want to try it out. I will reinforce the message. They bought another carrier but don’t like it. You are a better woman than me, lugging your 2.5 year old around. I’m evil, Callum has to walk 🙂

      • jamie Says:

        HAHAHAHAAAA!! See, I’m too lazy to haul along a big ole stroller. Funny really, what qualifies as lazy for one parent… and not for another. Oh, I suppose MY trick is that Ja usually carries Talya around. snicker. Now THAT is the way to do it.

  4. kgirl Says:

    Well, it’s better than my current method of simply not remembering anything.

  5. mancais Says:

    I use the back of my hand. Means I can’t miss stuff.

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