Friday, July 17, 2009

What a week.  What a few weeks.


Bad: I lost my cell phone in a cab. I think. I had to report it to the police since the cab company doesn’t have a lost and found, but instead hands in all items to the cops.  What a waste of time – did the poor cop I had to speak to really train at college to talk to some lady on the phone about lost property? I think not. So silly.

Good: I took the opportunity to upgrade, since I hated my phone that I shouldn’t have even bought anyway, and by way of ebay (an unlocked phone and a new sim card), I got myself a Blackberry Pearl!  So far so good.  So nice to finally have joined the rest of the planet with smart phones.  Enjoying the messenger service, and full time twitter access.  I’ll have to decide in a year when my contract is up if I want to continue with a BB or switch to an iPhone… (couldn’t afford an unlocked iPhone).



Good: Oliver is FINALLY WEARING UNDERWEAR ALL THE TIME. I officially have the oldest toilet trained child ever – 3.5 years old. I was beginning to think Callum was going to do it first.  Callum seemed to be more of a fan of sitting on a potty than his big brother.  What changed? Sent him to daycare in underwear, took the plunge because we hammered into him (not literally, ha ha) that he couldn’t go to school (kindergarten) in September if he wasn’t using the toilet.  Two days of lots of ‘accidents’ and the third day was the charm.  Yes it’s a lie.  Yes it’s evidence of our desperation. It took over a year to get here.  He couldn’t have cared less about using the toilet until now.  So glad it’s finally over.  Still sometimes a struggle at home – but I care more about him dry in public during the day.  And I will be much happier to face his school teacher knowing he’s in underwear!

Bad: He was incredibly whingey and whiny and screaming this week and I really wanted to throttle him (I did not).  He also has a swollen hand from some kind of bite that is worrying me.  But we had a nice evening grocery shopping date.


Good: It’s my birthday tomorrow (Saturday).  Our weekend is filled with a Just for Laughs show and visiting with friends. On Thursday I’m off to Chicago, and I am incredibly excited about traveling on my own (no Mark to stress out in the airport! no kids to entertain or console!) for the first time in 7 years!  The following weekend is a trip to Pennsylvania – old friends and shopping!

Bad: Mark wants to put the house on the market and we have no time whatsoever to get it any where near ready.


Good: I just applied for and got an opportunity for a job secondment, for a year, local to my house.  As in, my commute just went from 1 hr 10 minutes in the morning and 1 hr 40 minutes in the afternoon when I pick up the kids… to 25 minutes if there’s no daycare pick up or about 45 if there is.  AWESOME!!! And it’s a great opportunity and I am just so excited to be working locally.  And I might be able to swing not being due into work until a time that means I can drop Oliver directly at school instead of using daycare for before-school care.  We’ll have to see.  I start August 10th. What will I do with the extra hours in my day?!  Probably waste them…

Bad: I am incredibly sad to be leaving my current workplace.  I love my colleagues, and have an incredibly supportive manager and director.  I enjoy the work – there is a lot of unfinished business.  Again.  Just like when I went on mat leave.  I love working in downtown Toronto; I just hate the commute and having that much less time with the kids.  It lays the mommy guilt on thick.  I am seriously going to be crying when I say goodbye.  Even though I’ll still be ‘working’ with them – just remotely.



6 Responses to “Good/bad/good”

  1. Nadine Says:

    Wow! This my first time reading a blog on my BB Pearl, nevermind attempting to leave a comment. (no wifi at my folks house).

    If it makes you feel any better, I know a 4.5 year old who still wears a diaper at night.For future Google purposes, I may or may not be the mother of said child.

    He’s a deep sleeper and also was tough to potty train. Or so I heard…

  2. mancais Says:

    Oh dear
    More yay
    Oh no
    Great news
    Hug time

    Happy Birthday Luv x

  3. jamie Says:

    Happy Birthday ya old fart! I too have a pearl! Quite like it. 😉 You should email me your pin, and we can blackberry chat! HA!

  4. kgirl Says:

    I’m so glad that your commute is becoming shorter. Mine is 40 min door-to-door (taking the subway), and I thought that was bad. Time is money, right?

  5. Casey Says:

    “I officially have the oldest toilet trained child ever”

    Not true. 🙂 My 3.75 year old is still dragging his feet. We will get there. Maybe because the 2 year old learns first?

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