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Endorphin rush

Monday, August 31, 2009

I know compulsive shopping is bad.  And really I can’t classify what I do as true compulsive shopping as I am not dealing with an addiction here (it is controllable; I am not obsessed; I am not hiding anything from anyone; I can pay my bills).

But…oh do I get that rush when I find a deal.  Except I’ll find a deal on something I didn’t know I wanted.  That’s not a good thing – I’m saving myself broke!

Anyway, I just had to share this because it was such a tasty bargain.

We went to Winners on Saturday.  I immediately spotted this in the clearance area (hard to miss – the box is huge and there were 3 of them).


I knew about this product; I think I may have read a blog review. But I knew what it was.  And, if you click on the link, the normal price is $190.

See that nice red price tag?



(NO WAY, I said to myself)


Come to me, baby!

So yeah, I’ve got some euphoria going on, but it hasn’t given way to shame.  No chance of shame here.

Now to set it up, and let the kids come in the usually off-limits kitchen (because I’m evil like that) to be little helpers.  Ooh and you can turn it into a puppet theatre!  Except then I’d have to spend more money.  Must start the bargain search on that item.