Follow through

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I’m bad with tying up lose ends on here, aren’t I? I think I sort of forget that we aren’t continuing the conversation unless I say something. Silly me.

  • My friend’s partner is home and still recovering and the baby is gorgeous. Which would be the positive of an emergency crazy c-section – no squishy baby head!  I hope I get to see them soon.
  • We have a babysitter.  She has spent many Sunday evenings with the kids.  She’s good.  She doesn’t put up with all their ‘stuff’ but she does let them get away with some things that I never would, like dumping all the bubble mix we once had all over the deck.  She’s back to university this fall so I hope we’ll still be seeing her.  I feel a little guilty about having her (let’s be honest, I barely see my kids on a normal weekday – like 7 to 7:40 in the morning and 5:45/6 until bedtime in the evening) but Mummy and Daddy need some alone time, right?? Right?
  • We are still at the same daycare. We didn’t go to Montessori.  For better or worse.  Oliver starts Junior Kindergarten in a few weeks – for me, that will bring a more formal learning component into the mix.  It should balance out all the playtime.  I will worry about Callum later.  He’s 21 months but I think that’s too young for such structured learning like Montessori (the school would disagree with me). Actually, I should say, he’s too young. Perhaps a baby genius would appreciate it more. Not that he’s not smart, but…anyway…
  • On Friday, including daycare drop off, it took me 32 minutes to get to work (…that’s my record so far, probably was going a LITTLE bit fast up the 400 – oops). I can not even express how awesome that is.  It would have taken me an hour on top of that 32 minutes to do daycare drop off plus travelling into Toronto before.

Am I forgetting anything else?  Probably.  Slightly brain dead.

2 Responses to “Follow through”

  1. mancais Says:

    Oh that’s not so bad. Pretty good, in fact, all told.

  2. Clare Riddiford Says:

    Brilliant – I love reading positive follow-up

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