How to blow a 3.5 year old boys’ mind

Friday, August 21, 2009

(AKA How to have an awesome day with my oldest kid)

(To be honest, I’m pretty good at blowing his mind. A SURPRISE TRIP TO GRANDMA and GRANDAD’S! CAKE! FISH IN THE TANKS AT WALMART! It doesn’t really take a lot. And I do enjoy it so.)

  1. Take the day off work to spend with your kid. Alone. No little brother. No Daddy.
  2. Take the train in to the big city.
  3. Have breakfast together, letting him order whatever he wants. (Blueberry muffin + orange juice)
  4. Go for a big walk, through the skywalk over the train tracks, to the CN Tower.  And then to the lake front.  And eventually back to the train station to take the subway. (and on the steamiest of yucky days, this was over an hour)
  5. IMG_0265IMG_0263IMG_0270IMG_0272

  6. Get off the subway, and go and buy some food for a potluck lunch.
  7. Take him to your old office (well, I’ve only been gone a week, it’s not that old) for a potluck lunch with all her co-workers.  Watch him lose the shyness. Get fussed over. Let him eat too much, including lots of fruit and dessert.  Mitigate any potential naughtiness except when he tried to lick a tray of cake.  (I mean, it was REALLY good cake, I don’t blame him).
  8. Walk over to the ROM.
  9. IMG_0292

  10. Attend the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit; quietly ponder ancient texts. Run to see dinosaur bones.
  11. IMG_0275IMG_0280

  12. See more dinosaur bones.
  13. See a few other things.
  14. Have some blueberry lemonade (that he chose).
  15. Let him decide it’s time to go home.  Let him decide to take a GO bus instead of the train;
  16. Get on the bus and sit in traffic.
  17. Smile as he falls asleep on your shoulder around 3:45.
  18. Go home and listen to him tell his brother and his dad all about it.

5 Responses to “How to blow a 3.5 year old boys’ mind”

  1. Lady Mama Says:

    Sounds like a very nice day. I must do that with my son soon.

  2. Carly Says:

    That’s MY idea of a perfect day. Must plan this with Lucy sometime.

  3. Cristen Says:

    Aww … that sounds so sweet, really, I’m tearing up. I love how you let him choose stuff (bus/train, etc.) – amazing how much kids love that stuff.

  4. mancais Says:

    Sounds like the two of you had a great time together.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day! I would like to do that with Big C – it’s finding someone to look after Little G that’s the prob.

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