Making work work

Friday, August 28, 2009

First, totally off topic, go see some beautiful wedding photos here.  That’s why we were on Christian Island on Monday.  Which we fell in love with, a little bit, due to that gorgeous beach (see previous post) and being so not very far from home.  So we’re pipe dreaming about a beachy cottage now.


The real point of this post is our constant struggle to juggle work and family.  Every day it’s a new challenge to keep all the balls up in the air.  So when a reporter I follow on twitter asked if there was anyone she could interview for a story on families with 2 working parents, I put my hand up.  This is something I can talk about for hours.

Thankfully (for her) Shannon didn’t want to or need to talk for hours, and in reporter mode, she asked me some questions and she included a few of my answers in this article.  Which pretty much sums up life.  (Also I am thankful they didn’t end up using a family photo – as shamefully the last photo of the 4 of us is a year old.  Always the photographer…)


Something new has been added to the mix, to the juggling – I have started working a compressed work week at my new (secondment) job.

What this means is that instead of working 7.25 hours a day, I am working 7.75 hours a day (extra half hour) so that every third Friday, I have a day off.

As part of the appeal of this new job was to be closer to home and therefore spending more time in the day with the kids, I wasn’t sure I was interested in working the extra half hour every day.  After all, I could only be working 8:30 to 4:30 and then picking them up at 5 if I was working regular hours.

But Mark convinced me to take it because it means I will  have a day to myself every 3 weeks where I can GET SH*T DONE.  Because that’s the bit of life that isn’t staying up in the air; that we’re not even attempting to juggle.  There are so many things to do around the house, errands to run in general, this will give me a chance to get on some of it.  I must maintain my motivation on these precious new days off and get those things that need doing done.

Of course, today’s my first day off and I’ve got to get to the doctor to help get rid of a sinus infection that’s been plaguing me for over a week.  But other than that?  I’ll be getting stuff done.

3 Responses to “Making work work”

  1. mapsgirl Says:

    I loved where you said in the article that you want it all but you don’t know if you’ll ever get there. It’s so true. Great article!

    I think working a compressed week is a great idea. I’d definitely do it too, if it were an option for me. So many more things get done when you’re by yourself.

    Enjoy your first day!

  2. rebeccakeenan Says:

    All last summer, when I was working full-time and pregnant and C was in daycare, I kept thinking about how I’d be able to “get stuff done” as soon as my mat leave started.

    Now, home full-time with two kids (plus working from home – ack – aprox. 2hrs per day, plus blogging and whatever else) I dream of having them in daycare so that at least they haven’t destroyed the house by being home all day.

    Never enough time. Never enough energy. Countdown to kindergarten . . .

  3. hehe..not only are we neighbours but we also work for the same employer…too funny!

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