Canadian International Air Show

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I’m not a big fan of the military machine. I don’t like loud noises. I don’t like flying in airplanes that much.

But for some reason, this air show really floated my boat.

Lessons from a Labour Day Monday:

  • To two little boys, ice cream is much more exciting than even military jets.
  • The Snowbirds kind of kicked the Blue Angels’ asses. Not that I am biased.
  • I need a BIG LENS.
  • The beginning of September still necessitates sunscreen (see also: I am a bright red lobster. BAD.)
  • Days in the city always make we wish we lived downtown. We parked off Roncesvalles and walked. It was a long but nice walk to the park by the lake.

A nice way to spend the last day of ‘summer’. Tomorrow, that boy who is not so big starts school. Eek.

One Response to “Canadian International Air Show”

  1. Lady Mama Says:

    That looks fun. Especially the ice cream! I sometimes wish we lived downtown too. Good luck for your son’s first day of school.

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