Obligatory first day of school post

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We’re being nonchalant about this. I mean, this kid’s been in daycare for three years. What’s a little change of scenery?

Oliver’s first day of junior kindergarten:


(He burst into tears. He was the only one that cried!  My baby! My oldest baby child who is not really a baby but is rather tall, actually, but is actually the youngest that you could possibly even be to start kindergarten because he’s a December 31st baby.  I mean, a kid born merely 24 hours after him wouldn’t even start school until an ENTIRE YEAR after him!  What will this do to him?  Will he succeed?  Will he be at the bottom of the class?  Will he struggle??  My LITTLE BOY is riding a BIG yellow school bus every day. What if he falls asleep on the way home and they forget to drop him at daycare?  Will he lose everything that we send, despite it all being labeled?  Will he eat the entire contents of his lunch box at recess? I packed so much food.  Will he even eat it all?  Will he know anyone there?  Will he understand what to do?)

He’s okay. I’m okay. Breathe.

7 Responses to “Obligatory first day of school post”

  1. Naomi Says:

    My son is december 27th. Started SK this week. His school (a private one) starts at SK, which means that he is probably the youngest (or one of only a small handful) child in the entire school.

    He didn’t cry. Had a great first day yesterday. I thought he had a good second day today, but now, not so sure – claims he doesn’t like school, and that someone bit him.

    Breathe is right.

  2. 1001petals Says:

    Ah, my daughter was born Dec. 21st and I’ve wondered the same thing. Is it better to be the oldest or youngest? Hopefully I’ll find out from you!

  3. b*babbler Says:

    Very cute – I’m sure he’ll do fine!

  4. Vic Says:

    The boy was one of the youngest in his class – didn’t stop him at all. I think by this point, a matter of a few months doesn’t make that much difference.
    I can’t wait to see the end of the first day at school post.

  5. mapsgirl Says:

    My daughter was born December 15th so quite possibly is the youngest in the class. She’s in SK this year and did just great last year.

    Oliver will be fine. All of those questions will get answered. Keep in mind that the teachers do this every year. They get 17-20 new little kids who don’t know the routine and spend the first little while getting everyone on the same page. Kindergarten is all about getting the kids socialized and getting them read for Grade 1

    Does that help you breath easier?.

  6. kgirl Says:

    Yes, very non-chalant 😉

    He is adorable, and I’m sure he’ll be ok. Of course, mine also started JK this week and I am freaking out.
    And, I am born Jan. 6, so was always the oldest. It posed no advantage, trust me.

  7. My daughter bawled and screamed like she was being tortured on the second day…it was horrible…despite it I know she’ll be okay…just today she told me a little girl’s name of whom she made friends with…your son will be fine as well!!

    I’m a December baby as well and I never saw any advantage through my school years…

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