Obituary (for shoes)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Black flats are a staple of my (ever expanding, must really stop that) shoe wardrobe.  They are basically the indispensable shoe – worn through summer with bare feet, and winter with tights or even thin trouser socks beneath long pants.

I’ve been relying on a particular pair of flats for about 5 years now.  And this weekend, I had to say goodbye them.

Please note that I LITERALLY, audibly, said goodbye as I put them in the garbage can.  I may have almost shed a tear.  You were well loved, Office flats.


You were purchased in London (UK), at the Charing Cross Road shop I believe.  You were of softest leather.  You never gave me blisters. Maybe I’m in denial but you never really went out of style.  Oh god, now I’m rhyming.

You did get quite stretched. But for 5 years of wear (maybe longer? – you’ve been in my life so long, I can’t remember a time without you), you held up beautifully.  However, your lining was shredding and your soul sole was slowing falling apart.

I will miss you.

But I’ve already replaced you. So no more crying. Probably with a substandard model, but it was the best I could find. After all, I’ve got to get out of the sandals soon and put the toes away for the autumn and winter.

These ones are Reaction by Kenneth Cole. Man made. Pointy. Something different. Wish me luck breaking them in.


5 Responses to “Obituary (for shoes)”

  1. Vic Says:

    I hate breaking in new flats – they always seem to hurt more than a flat pair of shoes should. But hey, it’s well worth it in the end!

  2. Cristen Says:

    Nice shoes! What’s on your table in the background?

  3. Lady Mama Says:

    Ah, I’d forgotten about Office – love that store! I hate getting rid of shoes too. But your new ones are lovely! And new!

  4. Maria Says:

    I miss Office! Really must shop more next UK visit – love being
    asked where I got stuff and feeling sophisticated for having bought it in London 😉

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