22 months, 9 days

Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s not a birthday, but this is an anniversary of sorts I’ve been waiting for. Just in my head. No one else is paying any attention.

It’s today that Callum is as old as Oliver was the day that Callum was born.


1 – Can I just tell you have god damn thankful I am that there isn’t a little baby arriving by stork today? That might sound ungrateful but I don’t wish a 22 month 9 day gap on anyone. TOO CLOSE. TOO STRESSFUL.

2 – Because this little boy, he’s just a baby still!  So Oliver was just a baby too!  (Look at him! He was so sweet looking then! What happened?!)

3 – Okay, not really.  I interviewed Callum and here’s what I found –

Ok, so, knowing how to count (or at least make the sounds, and point at things when making those sounds), knowing some colours? Definitely not a baby.  Also recites the sounds of the alphabet.

Still sleeping in a crib though. (No little baby arriving to steal it from him, like his brother experienced!)

Still may occaisionally wear footie pajamas. (Yes I may just be grasping to the last vestiges of his babyhood)

Still has his dummy/soother when sleeping at home.  Still carts around a sippy cup of milk everywhere when we let him.

Still is a TOTAL MUMMY’S BOY.  Will cling to me at every opportunity. You know, just to lay on the mummy guilt really thick when I leave him at daycare every weekday. Despite also demonstrating his independence at every opportunity.

This one is fiery. This one is passionate. Much more so than his older brother.  He’ll love you hard, but he’ll equally get angry and hit you or try to bite or throw his toys in despair.

He cracks me up all the time.  He’s a real ham.  He dances as SOON as he hears music (his brother never did).  He loves the camera.  And being such a mimic, I could totally see a career in the entertainment industry in his future. Or just, you know, drama class or something.

So, bud, it’s not your birthday, but it’s a big day for me. I’ll gush about you again on your 2nd birthday, coming up faster than I can believe.

Tonight, you go on your last free plane ride in your dad’s lap, for 10 days in England. I stay home with your brother, and while I’m looking forward to my time alone with him and doing some stuff around the house, I’m going to miss you, little (big) guy!

6 Responses to “22 months, 9 days”

  1. mapsgirl Says:

    We’ve already passed the day when the littlest was the same age as the oldest when the littlest was born. Mine are almost 27 months apart.

    And in case footie PJs are symbolic of still being little, my 4 1/2 year old (who wears a size 6X), still wears them.

  2. Maria Says:

    I hear you. The barely 17 month gap kicked my ass and when I look back at photos of just how babyish E was, I could cry. However, now that they are playing and roughhousing together, I am so glad I’m not having my second now like many friends.

  3. Lady Mama Says:

    So sweet! What is it with these fiery 2nd children. My 2nd son is already showing signs of being a feisty little chap. And I completely understand it being hard with the close age gap. You really are taking care of two babies.

  4. kgirl Says:

    So very sweet. It kind of blows my mind when I think about dates like that. For instance, Dove is exactly the age that Bee was when I became pregnant. The thought of being pregnant now? No thanks!

  5. Wow, your men are very close in age! But it will be nice as they get older. They’ll probably be very close (I’m 20 months older than my sister and although we are very, very different people, we are very close).

    My boy was 4 years and 8 months old, just a month younger than the girlie is now, when she was born. Thanks for pointing that out, I just missed an anniversary – only by a month, though;)!

  6. rebeccakeenan Says:

    Thanks for pointing out that anniversary. I’ll mark it on my calendar! (Though I still have almost 20 months till I get there.)

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