Useful creature, I might miss you. A bit.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last year, when Mark took Callum to England for his grandmother’s funeral, I had a week to myself with Oliver. And it was GOOD.  It was at the end of my mat leave with Callum, and Oliver had a few days a week at daycare, and we had some adventures.

Right now, Mark has taken Callum to England for a week just because, and I have a week to myself with Oliver.  And alas it is not quite so good.

He’s really missing his dad and brother.  He has homework from kindergarten – which, okay, you can barely call homework – but it requires us to read a book together and for me to ask him how he feels about it.

“Circle the ANGRY face”


“I’m angry Callum isn’t here”

This is good, right? He’s showing signs of being a normal human being who misses people that he loves when they are not around?

Unfortunately this is also translating into some rather trying behaviour.  I’ve said to him a few times that I really don’t want to keep getting angry at him during this time together, but he’s kind of using up any shred of patience I have. Particularly after some long days at work.  Nothing specific, nothing huge, just really really really wearing on me.

We are having some good times, at least – I took him to Canada’s Wonderland (local big theme park) for the first time.


creeeeeeeeeepy but he loved it


We have a few fun things planned this weekend, including his friends’ birthday party. And we never seem to get invited to birthday parties.  When they are older, I’ll regret complaining about that, right?

On top of dealing with him, and not having the luxury of passing him off to Mark for bedtime routines or anything, I find myself with new! responsibilities!

  • I have to walk and feed the dog
  • I have to put the giant lampshade cone on the dog (too lazy to take my own photo; credit to someone else on flickr whose dog finds themselves similarly restricted)
  • I have to apply cream to the dog’s inner thigh (UGH)
  • I have to wonder why the cat’s eye looks funny, why he’s sneezing a lot, and why he’s not asking me for food
  • I have to wonder if the cat is going to croak while Mark is away
  • I have to put together 10 tonnes of recycling and green bin and garbage tomorrow night
  • I’ve lost to will to live redecorate like I started off doing last week and I would like to spend the rest of the week with my butt firmly implanted on the couch watching the new season of all good new shows and eating bon bons.

Sooooo, turns out Husbands are Rather Useful Creatures.

7 Responses to “Useful creature, I might miss you. A bit.”

  1. I GUESS….. 😉
    Keep us posted on your kitty. Could be a cold?? LOVE THE PICS!

  2. Cristen Says:

    oddly, my husband is also away. Oddly, he’s also in England. But he didn’t take either of the kids. he’s at a scientific conference that I should be at, but I didn’t realize it was happening so I missed the registration deadline. Can you tell how well we communicate? It’s also not really worth it to take 2 kids to England for 5 days. So I’m home with the kids. And he’s over there hanging out with my colleagues (and his too). I think I’ll have some bon bons too.

  3. Vic Says:

    I guess husbands do have their uses – the programming still needs some work though.

  4. kittenpie Says:

    they sure are useful. usually, anyhow. I must admit, I sort of dread the nights when I have both kids by myself, even though he has to do it two nights a week when I’m working late. (Mostly I dread it because it means dealing with cooking of some variety, and I just don’t cook.)

  5. Lady Mama Says:

    I think it’s sweet that he’s missing his brother so much. He’ll appreciate him even more when he comes back. And I agree those oversized characters are kind of creepy.

  6. Clare Riddiford Says:

    Sounds like Piglet may have Cat Flu and really needs to get to the vets for some antibiotics (so what you don’t want to be doing at the moment . . . ) good luck with it all and forget about the decorating – it is so not important compared to sofas and bon-bons!

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