The Great Interview Experiment: Meet Denise from Eat Play Love

Friday, November 13, 2009

I haven’t been reading Neil’s blog that long, only probably 6 months, maybe a bit longer.  I met him (sort of) at BlogHer.  One of my favourite things that he does is think about this “community” that is blogging and twitter, as we are in some of the same virtual circles.  He’s watching, thinking, analyzing, discussing.  And he’s one of those people who is a community builder, open to meeting new people, having different conversations, rather than cliquey.  I like that.

So when he announced his Great Interview Experiment of 2009, I decided to play along.  I got to be interviewed (thanks Erika!), and I got to do some interviewing.  And so I made 2 new connections.


I’d like to introduce you to Denise, from Eat Play Love.  She’s from Colorado, she’s a mom to 2 young girls, and she has a husband with a pretty cool job.  Also, she seems like a pretty positive, uplifting and humorous person herself. Her answers are in purple.

1. You have two daughters. How often do you get asked about having sons? (I ask as the mother of two boys who is always asked about daughters!)
I think I most often get asked if I am done having children or if I am ready for number 3.  Then the typical, are you trying for a boy question comes up. But the answer they always get is I am DONE. Funny enough I have 3 older brothers, so my parents went through the same thing. I guess they felt the family was complete when I came along!

2. The Colorado Bento blog is really cute. I have to pack a school lunch for my oldest son tonight.  What’s your daughter’s favourite thing that you make for their lunch?
My daughter is a huge fan of turkey sandwiches, thank goodness. She requests turkey almost daily. I love bento lunch packing because I can offer her a nice sampling of a variety of foods. Broccoli is a hit, as well as any type of fresh berries. I must admit, she most loves that I always send a little treat for her. Her favorite treat is strawberry Pocky, which is little Japanese biscuit sticks with strawberry coating on them.

3. You like to cook, and you like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver just like me! What’s your go-to dish for a potluck or party?
Whenever we are invited to a potluck, my friends expect me to make dessert. I love making a wide range of desserts, but my cakes/cupcakes are the most loved. The other dish I love to make for holiday celebrations is my mother’s dressing aka. stuffing. There’s just something about it, everyone loves it. I’d share the recipe, but it’s a secret.

4. Tell me about Colorado. I’ve never been there.
Colorado is a beautiful place to live. We have over 300 days of sunshine, which we like to keep a secret between the locals. We do get a fair amount of snow, but it melts within a couple of days because the sunshine is so intense. We are also known for being quite friendly here in Colorado. 16 years ago, I was mesmerized by the active, health conscious lifestyle during a trip to visit friends. A year later I moved from New York and haven’t left since 1994.

5. Your husband seems to have a pretty interesting job — if I understand correctly, making movies about snow and skiing.  Does he literally go all around the world to find the powder? Is he behind the camera?  Is he ever in danger – some of those shots look scary to me! Do you ever get to go with him?
Yes, he literally travels the world. Japan, Chile, Norway are a few exotic locations he’s traveled to for work. He’s actually quite versatile in that he does many of the behind the scenes work to get the film made, like post production, writing the budget, arranging for talent at locations, scouting locations, but also is a cameraman. He’s a jack of all trades, which is a huge asset to the company. Yes, he has done very scary things for his job, like fly onto the USS Nimitz (an air craft carrier with a crew of 3000), flown in countless helicopters, skied amazing terrain, and perched himself on cliffs to get a perfect shot. I try not to focus on that part of his job.

I mainly travel to Colorado locations with him. But the reality of the situation is film shoots are 15 hour work days, so unless I have a huge desire to be alone with my girls wherever he’s filming, I typically stay home.

6. I loved your post about Tretorns. I used to have some, too!  What’s the best and worst memories you have of high school?
The fondest memories I have of high school are the opportunities that I had. I studied art with some of the most amazing teachers. I think I definitely came to appreciate my education more after becoming a teacher. I don’t really have bad memories from high school. The one thing that comes to mind is the awkwardness of being a 5’11” girl, when most of the boys weren’t fully grown yet. I had the worst posture, I never really felt confident in my skin until I was in my mid twenties.

7. I was interested in your vlog about attending blogging conferences.  I attended BlogHer this year as a super, super small fish in this world, introducing myself to people very apologetically (like you mentioned!), being a little fangirl but not being there to promote myself.  I also ended up spending a lot of time with bloggers that are local to me in real life!  It was intimidating but I’m also really glad I went.  Do you think you will go to BlogHer ’10?  If I go to NYC, will you say hi to me?!
I’m considering Blogher ’10 because my family lives upstate. We’ll see. I would definitely say hi to you!!!

8. Why did you start blogging 2 years ago?  What itch is it scratching??
A funny reason behind why I started my blog was because my local newspaper was looking for a blogger to write about things happening in the community. I contacted the editor, but the idea never really took off. So, I thought I’ll just start my own blog. After leaving teaching to stay home with my girls, I really used my blog for adult expression. I needed something all to myself that was grown up. I wrote a lot more about my girls when I first started, but don’t write much about my girls anymore. I like to write about personal experiences and my goal is always to make my readers leave with a smile. I don’t ever want the space to feel negative or like a big whiny downer!

9. Your blog is called Eat Play Love. Is that the answer to life? My interviewer asked me what the secret to life was and I didn’t have a good answer. Is that it?
I’m not sure if Eating, Playing, and Loving is the answer to life. But I will admit it sure does make life wonderful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Phew. Glad that’s over. Coming up with even halfway decent questions is really hard!  But thanks for the opportunity, Neil.  That was great.

5 Responses to “The Great Interview Experiment: Meet Denise from Eat Play Love”

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  2. Lady Mama Says:

    Great interview! I like Denise’s blog. I too get asked the third child question… Her husband’s job sound crazy and very exciting.

  3. Denise Says:

    It was nice to meet you too. Thanks for the interview, I had a great time answering!

  4. Anna See Says:

    Loved reading this! It is so fun to learn new things about my favorite bloggers!

  5. I love Denise and I loved reading this interview!

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