Hoping for Anissa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I don’t know her that well. I do know that I packed hundreds of swag bags at the People’s Party with her and had a blast even getting to know her for a few minutes. Jeebus – the power of the internet is such that I just managed to find a picture of me standing across from her, probably listening to something she was saying, packing those bags.

Thank you Amanda Magee for having that photo on Flickr. Okay, you can BARELY see us, but still! At least you know I’m not talking out my butt.

I had started reading her blog before BlogHer, Free Anissa, where she had re-launched her bloggy-self  following her daughter’s recovery from cancer, which had been the focus of her previous blog.  I have been reading Aiming Low since she started it, just before BlogHer.  Well, hell, that’s how we roll around here. We aim REALLY low.

And meeting her in person, she is the same as she is on twitter, on her blog. She’s hilarious. And vibrant, and full of life.

Now she’s in an ICU after suffering a stroke.  It’s quite serious.

My thoughts are with her, her family (she has a husband and 3 kids), and her close friends.  We are all wishing you well, across the interwebs, around the world.

You can help, if you want.

And, like me, you can hope to hear good news on the updates.

3 Responses to “Hoping for Anissa”

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  2. Emma Says:

    So, so frightening. I thought families were only supposed to be given so much to deal with. I think they have had more than their fair share.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    I didn’t know you were helping there!! That’s me in the blue!! Geez, my posture looks terrible in that picture. Small world.

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