Sibling reverie

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

They got flashlights from Daddy, and I wandered around the house turning all the lights off.  They invented Flashlight Tag (I didn’t tell them I used to play it, they think they thought of it).  Oliver decided they were going to go camping in the dark and they went in his bedroom and Oliver crawled under the blanket on his bed and made a tent out of it and Callum got scared and wanted to go to where the lights were still on.   The coolest thing was they did most of this without any parental involvement (well except for me taking weird pictures in the dark and DAMN IT I MUST LEARN TO USE THIS CAMERA PROPERLY).

They are playing together and imagining together and tonight they kicked me out of the room and told me not to come in. And I was happy.

(Don’t worry, they were safe).

These boys, they adore each other now. I mean, they still fight over toys and who gets in the bath first and who got the biggest portion of dinner, but they are so happy to see each other first thing in the morning it makes me happy.  When they are apart, they are asking about the other sibling constantly, and not just because they might be jealous of what they are doing (e.g. if one is out with Daddy, etc.).

The other day, sitting beside each other in a shopping cart, they spent most of the time in the grocery store kissing each other on the lips.

THIS is what makes the pain of having them 22 months apart worth it.  Those dark and desperate days.  They are so close, in age and in friendship.  I hope they will always be this close.

6 Responses to “Sibling reverie”

  1. Casey Says:

    Very cute! That is so sweet about them kissing, too. My kids have days like that once in a while, too. They are 20ish months apart.

  2. Ainse Says:

    What a sweet post and the pictures are terrific!

  3. Lady Mama Says:

    You give me hope! I cannot wait to experience these moments. I like the pictures too – your kids are gorgeous.

  4. Clare Riddiford Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and brightened up my day to read (don’t know what you mean about learning to use your camera – the pictures are wonderfully atmospheric)

  5. Vic Says:

    Soon they’ll be fighting over who gets the remote/games console control, who gets in the bathroom first and they’ll still be fighting over who gets the biggest portion of dinner! lol

  6. whymommy Says:

    I adore this — just what I want (and revel in) for my own boys (about your kids’ ages!). Imagining together. Awesome.

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