A pox on our house

Monday, December 7, 2009

It would be the perfect time to write a post, if only there was something particularly interesting to say — I have a cup of warm coffee, I’m home alone, except for one napping boy.  The boy you wouldn’t think would be napping, the almost 4-year-old Oliver.

Yesterday something felled him enough that the doctor gave us Tamiflu.  Which lies unopened, because really that was a bit of a “every sickness right now MUST be H1N1” sort of diagnosis.

Yesterday morning, he was a bit feverish, vomited once, and said his ear hurt.  Dr. Mummy declared it to be an ear infection.  We gave him something to bring down the fever, he cheered up and went to his Sunday morning sports class just like normal.  We took him to the real doctor after it was over.  They wanted him to provide a urine sample, so he kept drinking more and more water.  And he got more and more feverish and ill-looking.  By the time we made it into the pharmacy and I’m arguing about the Tamiflu prescription, he’s vomiting all over the pharmacy floor.  Jeebus.

He slept on the couch most of the afternoon.  There continued to be much vomiting and no keeping food down.

By late afternoon, I was starting to feel miserable myself — just in my head though, nothing in the tummy.

He ended up improving as the evening went on, and I ended up falling asleep on the chair holding him a few times, while beginning to suffer a rather awful light-sensitive headache.

We both went to bed.  I think both our fevers broke in the night.

I’m fine except for a nasty sore throat.  He’s fine except I forced him to drink some Gatorade powder with electrolytes that I mixed for him in a water bottle, and he threw it all up again.  Pretty sure that was due to the drink rather than his short-lived sickness.  I couldn’t send him to school until I knew he was keeping stuff down, though.

And the fact that he’s sleeping now?  Yeah, he needed some more recovery time.

So I don’t know what terrible plague crossed our threshold.  Is it the dreaded swine, and we built up enough immunity to it that we got a very mild 24 hour case with only some of the symptoms each?  Is it just a tummy bug for him and something else for me?  Is it seasonal flu?  Whatever.  Glad it’s almost over.

PS – because of this, because I couldn’t deal last night and probably not today either, I extended the giveaway for the HE washing machine cleaner over on the review blog

One Response to “A pox on our house”

  1. Vic Says:

    Hope he’s feeling better soon and that the rest of you don’t come down with whatever it is. x

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