Oliver at 4

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh my stars, my boy is 4.

Some days I look at him and wonder where the hell the time has gone. [warning: TINY jaundiced baby if you follow that link]

Some days I look at him and wonder how he’s not yet 13 because he certainly ACTS like a teenager sometimes. And oh the days can be LONG.

But he’s a bright spark, a ball of energy, SO observant, always listening even if he pretends he doesn’t hear us.

As we are away, we taped this interview in advance. On a sick day we had together. Here’s what the boy has to say for himself.

He’s being thrown a party on his actual birthday (today!) by his paternal grandmother, which will include 2 lovely second cousins, while we are in England He’s also getting a birthday party when we come home at an indoor playground. He’s very lucky. So are we.

10 Responses to “Oliver at 4”

  1. Emma Says:

    Oh so cute! Why do I not film my kids like this? Well, I am going to now. I would be such a crappy mother if I couldn’t steal ideas from other people.

  2. Lady Mama Says:

    Happy Birthday to Oliver! He is absolutely adorable. Hope he gets to catch some fish!?!

  3. Sandy Kerr Says:

    Happy Birthday Ollie! and Happy New Year too – to your mom, dad, Callum and YOU! Enjoy your trip!

  4. jamie Says:

    Aw, Emma, please nibble on him a little bit! Seriously, those facial expressions????

    Happy birthday Oliver!!!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    First: Ikea! Brilliant, hilarious.
    Second: It is *unbelievable* how much almost-four-year olds are alike. My Colum won’t be four until the end of April, but it’s nice to see that a lot of his quirks seem to be age appropriate.
    Third: Happy birthing day to you, Emma!

  6. Mamalooper Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet boy…what a cute interview!

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