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How meta

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So time to write a blog post about the blog.

I was recently sent an email by a well-known company wanting to buy ad space on here. Well, that’s not allowed while I am here on And I’m not sure if I would accept the ad even if I could. But it did bring up questions I had recently about switching to self-hosting, and buying a domain name.  Questions I was asking before the ad offer.

2010 is 6 years of blogging for me. About 4 years of that was on blogger, writing about living in England and then having a baby.  Then I moved here and cleaned it up a bit, once baby number 2 arrived.  Then Twitter came along.

I recently read a bunch of tweets that suggested the advance of Twitter was the death of blog comments. I guess that is true for people who are used to getting tens or hundreds of comments.  For me, it was the birth of my comments (ANY comments being totally awesome as I used to get none!) and a greatly increased audience (comparatively speaking; it’s still teeny tiny, really). I wrote for years with only people who knew me in real life, and a few others reading this.  My stats (limited by stats, which are lame compared to Google analytics)  indicate my page views are going up, and up.

Totally by accident.  I never tried to build an audience. It’s never been my purpose. If I have ads, will that have to change?

Should I totally change my model from free unencumbered journal, to a potentially sponsored costing-money-to-run journal? (aside: does that mean BlogHer conferences become business expenses?!)  I have no problem with reading blogs that run ads AT ALL. It’s just that I already have a job, and I always considered this totally a ‘hobby’ informal sort of thing.

As usual, I don’t really know what I’m doing here. I just like to write. Sometimes. Not very well, not for any purpose other than purging some words. So wise internets, tell me what I should do.

(PS: I mostly wrote this post on my iPod touch, for the first time, which was not bad at all)