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Friday, September 14, 2007

Being completely uninspired to blog, it’s time yet again for another random post of bullet points. I can’t even face writing proper paragraphs right now. I keep getting headaches that feel like someone is sticking a fork in my left temple.

  • I have 19 days of work left before maternity leave. Scary for so many reasons – mainly being I hate maternity leave and want to really stick a fork in my head? Okay, it’s not that bad, but I feel like I only just got back into the working world when I can engage my brain and mouth in issues of some relative importance, but instead I am being shuttled back into daytime television and isolation and lots of crying (by both of us!) and sleeplessness. Oh and the additional bonus of chasing after a toddler, too. But not every day. We have decided to keep Oliver full time at daycare until December, and then move to part time as long as I can afford it. Thank god.
  • I’m working later into pregnancy this time – probably not a good idea health-wise, but there’s too much interesting stuff going on around here. Like a provincial election. So my curiosity is getting the better of me. Plus, we are already short staffed and I feel bad about going and there’s loads to do…
  • Mark and Oliver are going to England next Friday for just over a week. Mark is completely insane. He’s trapping Oliver on an airplane for two 8 hour journeys, and he’s booked him as an infant on his lap. The ride over should be mostly okay as he’ll be sleeping for most of it. The journey back will likely be HELL. The kid doesn’t sit still. I have no idea how he is going to manage it. Also, he’s never actually taken care of his every whim for 24 or 48 hours, never mind 8 days. The kid is exhausting. But he shrugs it off! Of course, I’m a little sad not to be going back to my other home. But I have made lots of plans, including using my birthday spa gift certificate, and going to Yuk Yuk’s with some friends from work. And I won’t have to worry about coming in early to work to leave early. I can sleep in! Although I will have to worry about what the hell I am going to eat as I have been primarily relying on Mark to cook. Ewww, cooking during pregnancy really does not suit me.
  • Could someone remove this fork from my head now?