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Sunday, May 13, 2007

It’s Mother’s Day here and I was awoken with a slobbery hug, a day-care made card and macaroni necklace, and a store-bought card and an orchid. I always wanted an orchid; I’ll probably kill it, but the right thought was there.

It’s a good day anyway as for the first time in what seems forever, no one in the house is about to die from (a) a stomach bug (b) an ear infection (c) a spiking temperature induced by a throat infection or (d) a kidney infection (that last one was mine). It’s been pretty rough around here lately. Instead, everyone is all smiles and in relative health. Except for Oliver’s runny nose which is probably the sign of what’s to come next…

Despite all this, lots of things have been going on. We’re looking forward to meeting 2 new little girls, Orla born to Jay and Grace and big brother Cael in Kitchener (hopefully seeing them next weekend), and Lauren Louise, born to Mark’s cousin Karen and Alan and big sister Katie back in St Alban’s. Won’t see them until Christmas though. Unfortunately Lauren is in hospital right now, only a week old, and being tested for meningitis as she had a high fever and is refusing feeds.

Oliver is getting better at using his little vocabulary. He’s pretty good about calling Mark ‘daddy’ or ‘dada’. And he’s often manages to say ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ to the appropriate furry family member, except sometimes it sounds more like ‘gog’ or ‘tac’.

His latest obsessions are toys that you can pull along (I figure he’s almost ready to take the dog for a walk), searching for treasure underneath the couch/bed/whatever he can look under, walking backwards, and having the odd tantrum (throwing himself down on the ground) when he doesn’t get what he wants. I find the tantrums rather hilarious. Probably wouldn’t in the middle of shopping but he usually has a good time doing that.

Some recent photos: